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Call for Papers: IAB/ISOC Workshop on Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS)

June 19, 2015, Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin, hosted by the 27th annual FIRST Conference.

Workshop Information:

Numerous incident response efforts exist to mitigate the effects of attacks.  Some are  operator driven focused on specific attack types, while others are closed analysis and sharing groups spanning many attack types.  Many of the operator driven models work with members to mitigate the effects of such attacks for all users, but how to contribute information to these efforts is not always known or easy to discover.  Sharing within closed community analysis centers is only practical for very large organizations as a result of resource requirements even to be able to use shared data.  Without coordination, these efforts are not only duplicated, but leave out protections for small and medium sized organizations.  These organizations may be part of the supply chain for larger organizations, a common pathway for successful attacks.

This workshop aims to bring together operators, researchers, CSIRT team members, service providers, vendors, information sharing and analysis center members to discuss approaches to coordinate attack response at Internet scale.

The day-long workshop will include a mix of invited and selected speakers with opportunities to collaborate throughout, taking full advantage of the tremendous value of having these diverse communities with common goals in one room.

Submission Instructions:

Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only. There is no fee to attend the workshop.

For existing attack-mitigation working groups, the survey at should be completed by those organizations whose mitigation efforts or use case analyses apply. The data gathered through this questionnaire, including how to participate or contribute to your attack mitigation working group, will be shared with all of the participants at the workshop to better enable collaboration with your effort.

Alternatively, submit a 2-page research paper that includes some key insight or challenge relevant to the broader group.  This may include research topics around attack mitigation or information sharing/exchange, success stories from your CSIRT, lessons learned, or a deep dive on a particular topic such as privacy or trust.

Submissions accepted at:
Final Submission Deadline: 3 April 2015
Notification Deadline: 1 May 2015
Workshop Date: 19 June 2015

All attendees are required to complete the survey or submit a 2-page research paper to the CARIS program committee via EasyChair.  Accepted submissions will be published on the IAB website at:

Attendees will be selected based on these submissions to ensure the workshop will be beneficial to all and has the potential to impact the coordination of attack response at Internet scale.

Sponsored by the Internet Architecture Board and the Internet Society.

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