Internet Architecture Board


Call for community comment: draft-iab-xml2rfcv2-01

This is an announcement of an IETF-wide Call for Comment on draft-iab-xml2rfcv2-01.

The document is being considered for publication as an Informational RFC within the IAB stream, and is available for inspection here:


Please note that the purpose of the document is to represent the state of the vocabulary as actually implemented in the xml2rfc system as of current writing. Therefore, if you have particular concerns about the design or functionality described in this I-D, the comments about those issues are best addressed to the authors of another draft (draft-hoffman-xml2rfc-21). Discussion of that draft is active on the mailing list. We ask that comments about this draft focus on the degree to which it accurately reflects the current xml2rfc implementation, and whether it is clear, comprehensible, useful, and complete.

The Call for Comment will last until 2015-09-02. Please send comments to The RFC Editor has also asked that be copied.

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