Internet Architecture Board


IAB appoints Tim Wicinski to ICANN Nomcom

The IAB is pleased to appoint Tim Wicinski to the ICANN Nomcom.

Tim has been involved with DNS and the standards processes for many years. In the past several years, he has been co-chair of the DNS Operations (DNSOP) Working Group within the IETF; and more recently the co-chair of the DNS Privacy Exchange (DPRIVE) Working Group.  Tim is a Site Reliability Architect at, with a focus on DNS and CDN technologies.

The IAB had several able candidates to choose from this year, which made the choice difficult.  We thank all the volunteers for putting their names forward, and encourage their continued engagement with the IETF.  The IAB also wishes to thank John Levine for his previous service as the IAB appointee on the ICANN Nomcom.

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