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Report from the IAB at IETF 94

Dear colleagues,

This is the report from the IAB to the community about our activities since IETF 93. We’re taking the occasion of the compressed plenary to move more of our reporting to this email, which we’ll send before meetings. Of course, we encourage as ever discussion of things you want to raise in the plenary. We hope, however, that providing this in advance will allow you more time to prepare any questions you have about our activities, while allowing us to concentrate in the plenary on things we think raise issues or are most important for the community to think about. We want to know whether this new approach is agreeable. Let us know at the mic, or else send mail to You can do that about any other issue in this report too. In general, we value feedback and want to respond to issues you see.

The IAB has a few chartered roles. We confirm the appointments to the IESG and perform standards process oversight and handle appeals — two jobs we didn’t have to do since IETF 93. We also perform architectural oversight, we manage the RFC series and the IETF’s relationship with IANA, and we handle liaisons both to ISOC and to other organizations. We try to ensure that anything we do is part of one of these areas of responsibility, and we try to make sure these are all covered.

Since IETF 93, here’s what we’ve done:

• RFC 7624, “Confidentiality in the Face of Pervasive Surveillance: A Threat Model and Problem Statement” (Architectural oversight)

• RFC 7663, “Report from the IAB Workshop on Stack Evolution in a Middlebox Internet (SEMI)” (Architectural oversight)

• RFC 7669, “Assigning Digital Object Identifiers to RFCs” (RFC Series)

• MaRNEW (Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World) Workshop, with ISOC, AT&T, and GSMA (Architectural oversight, External liaison)

• Comments on the ICG proposal (External liaison, IANA)

• Comments on the CCWG 2d draft report (External liaison)

• Appointed Tim Wicinski to ICANN Nomcom (External liaison)

• Comment to FCC on rules regarding radio frequency equipment (External liaison)

The MaRNEW workshop inspired some questions about support for people who can’t participate in person in a workshop, and we said at the time we’d follow up. We’re discussing it at IETF 94 and will follow up at the end of or a little after the meeting.

The IAB has a number of documents in flight. Most of these are the result of programs, though one is old work that’s not quite complete:


You can keep track of IAB stream documents at

The last two in that list are about the RFC series. You should know that the documents specifying the new RFC format are coming soon, so get ready!

Of course, with the anticipated change to IANA’s relationship to the US Government, the IAB has been spending a lot of time on that topic. Some of that time may not be representing the IAB as such, but we have tried to keep involved in whatever dimensions we think might be useful.

The IAB organizes its work into programs. You can find all the current programs at <>. Broadly speaking we can distinguish between two thrusts here: those programs that are about architectural questions, and those programs that are basically management tasks. The former are expected to complete some work and eventually wind down. The latter are likely to persist as long as the management task remains in place.

Management programs:
IANA Evolution
IETF Protocol Registries Oversight Committee (IPROC, with IAOC)
Liaison Oversight
RFC Editor (includes RSOC)

Architectural issues:
Emergency Services
IP Stack Evolution
Names and Identifiers
Privacy and Security

We’ve made an internal commitment to ourselves that work that the architectural programs should produce an interesting plenary topic with some frequency, and expect that programs which can’t do that are wound down. This time, the Stack Evolution program is the source of the topic.

Here are two programs we’d like to highlight this time, because they’ve been busy:

Privacy and Security

The program published RFC 7624, and draft-iab-crypto-alg-agility is waiting in the RFC Editor queue, as noted above.

The program has adopted draft-iab-privsec-confidentiality-mitigations and draft-housley-web-pki-problems into the IAB stream.

The program is considering draft-hardie-privsec-metadata-insertion.

IANA Strategy Program

At ICANN 52, two weeks ago, the Names community figured out a way forward on their accountability mechanisms based on the Sole Designator model. Three months of intense work will be needed to achieve a very aggressive schedule. As part of implementing accountability mechanisms, some of the ICANN Bylaws will become “fundamental”, which means that they become very difficult to change. The ICANN Mission Statement will become a fundamental bylaw, and the IAB has asked for it to be updated before it becomes so hard to change. There is a fair amount of support for making the ICANN Mission Statement current.

The ICG completed the proposal for NTIA, but the Names community portion has a pointer to the ICANN accountability document. The proposal cannot be delivered until this pointer is snapped.

Best regards,
Andrew Sullivan
For the IAB

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