Internet Architecture Board


IAB Seeks Feedback on IETF Appointment to the ICANN NomCom

The IAB (on behalf of the IETF) has been asked to supply a member to the 2017 ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom). Last year, Tim Wicinski did the job for the IETF community, and he is willing to serve again.

The IAB would like to solicit comments from the community on the performance of Tim Wicinski on the ICANN NomCom. We are interested in comments on what has gone well or badly over the past year.

Please send comments to iab-chair at and execd at

We would appreciate receiving comments by Wednesday, September 28, as the IAB will begin the next steps in this appointment process shortly so that the ICANN NomCom member can attend the first formal meeting of the 2017 NomCom in Hyderabad, India in November 2016.

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