Internet Architecture Board


Please comment on IAOC candidates for IAB selection

As described in BCP 101 (RFC 4071) and BCP 113 (RFC 4333), the IESG and the IAB each select one person for a two-year IAOC term in alternate years. This year, the IAB will select one person for a term beginning in March 2017.

Following the call for nominations, which ran from 5 October 2016  through 2 November 2016, the IAB contacted each person that was nominated, asking them to accept or reject their nomination.  At  this point, 7 people have indicated a willingness to serve. They are:

Charles Eckel
Nalini Elkins
Aaron Falk
Gaurav Meena
Abdelhamid AL Rahamneh
Kaveh Ranjbar
Gatta Sambasiva Rao

The IAB is actively soliciting confidential comments on these people and their ability to serve on the IAOC. The IAB needs to receive these comments by 30 November 2016 in order to make a selection in December 2016. Please send comments to and

Note that the NomCom will also be selecting a person to serve on the IAOC for a two-year term. This process is orthogonal, the IAB is not privy to comments you might have submitted to the NomCom.

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