Internet Architecture Board


Call for nominations, RFC Editor model evolution program chairs

In response to the recent series of public meetings on the evolution of the RSE role, the IAB recently circulated a proposed charter for a program on evolving the RFC Editor model. As that charter notes, the intent is for this program to be modeled on an IETF working group, using its mailing list to develop and validate consensus among the participants. While there will be an IAB program lead acting as a liaison to the IAB for logistical matters, the IAB is seeking chairs from outside the IAB. These chairs will set the detailed agenda, manage the program, and call consensus among the participants. The IAB currently expects to appoint two chairs, but may choose three if appropriate.

If you are interested in serving in this role, please send a short email message to and with your motivation and information concerning your familiarity with IETF working groups or similar processes. The deadline for volunteering is Friday, 2020-02-07. The IAB will then solicit public comments on the candidates.

The IAB intends to make a decision on this appointment in time to have the program meet at IETF 107 with these chairs in place.

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