Internet Architecture Board


Call for nominations: RFC Editor Future Development Program Chair(s)

As previously discussed, the IAB is seeking an additional chair or chairs for the RFC Editor Future Development Program.

This program is modeled on an IETF working group, and will use its mailing list ( to develop and validate consensus among the participants.

The program currently has one chair, Eliot Lear. The current IAB has received significant feedback from the community that a second chair needs to be selected, and the IAB is eager to fill that position with a great candidate as soon as is practical. The IAB is now seeking at least one additional chair from outside the IAB to join Eliot. Together, these chairs will set the detailed agenda, manage the program, and call consensus among the participants. The program also has two liaisons from the IAB to assist with logistical matters, Wes Hardaker and Jared Mauch.

If you are interested in serving in this role, please send a short email message to and with your motivation and information concerning your familiarity with IETF working groups or similar processes. The deadline for volunteering is Tuesday, 2020-05-12 at 2359 UTC. The IAB will then solicit public comments on the candidates before making a decision.

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