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IAB report to the community for IETF 108

This is the IAB report for the period between IETF 107 and IETF 108. This report presents a summary of activities. More detailed information on many of the topics is also available at

Minutes of all IAB business calls are available at The IAB business calls are open for observation and ​the upcoming agenda​ is posted in advance on the IAB wiki at The calendar and connection details​ can also be found there.

If you have issues you want to discuss over email, feel free to send your comments to the IAB as a whole at


There were no appeals during this reporting period.


Since IETF 108, the IAB has made the following appointments:

In April, the new slate for the ISOC Board of Trustees was announced. The IAB, on behalf of the IETF, appointed Laura Thomson to the BOT back in February, but the appointment was not announced until the full BOT slate was available.

Additionally, the IAB is currently in the process of making an appointment to the ICANN Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (RZERC). The deadline to provide feedback to the IAB is 2020-07-28 at 23:59 UTC.

Documents and IAB Statements

All documents the IAB has adopted and is working on can be found at

Since IETF-107, the IAB has sent one document to the RFC Editor:

Since the last report, the IAB issued no new IAB statements.

IAB Open Meeting

During IETF-108 the IAB will hold an IAB Open Meeting, on Tuesday July 28, 13:00 – 13:50 UTC. The goal of this meeting is to increase interactions with the community, in both directions: providing information about and reporting back on technical work done, as well as gathering input about on-going work.

The agenda for the IETF-108 session can be found here:

Meetecho link to join the meeting:

Mailing lists

IAB maintained mailing lists are listed at

Recently, dormant mailing lists related to closed programs or past workshops have been closed after community consultation. Further, Tommy Pauly is now serving as second sergeants-at-arms for the mailing list supporting Stephen Farrell to cover different time zones. For program-specific lists, the program chairs act as moderators. The rfc-interest list is moderated by the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager. As for all mailing lists of the IETF, we also expect professional behavior on our mailing lists.

A new mailing list has been created for a new proposed program on Evolvability, Deployability, and Maintainability (EDM) (see next section): <>.


The IAB organizes its long term work, for the most part, into programs. There are basically two classes: management programs and architectural programs. The former are how we handle the oversight of various things, and the latter are where we do architectural work. The IAB is currently in the process of discussing how to handle and organize IAB programs better in the future, e.g. regarding participation and community visibility.

Programs are listed at

There are no new programs to call out since the last report.

For RFC Editor Future Development Program which was already established shortly before IETF-108 the program description was finalized, a second chair selected (see Appointments), and Wes Hardaker and Jared Mauch named as IAB liaisons. This program has open participation and is operating in a manner similar to an IETF working group where chairs draw community consensus. The IAB liaisons are not involved in the consensus process but only provide support, e.g. on administrative or logistical matters, if needed. Since its establishment the program had two virtual meetings in May 2020 and will hold another meeting at IETF-108 on Monday July 27, 2020, 14:10-15:50 UTC.

Further, the IAB has initiated a discussion in the community for a new program on Evolvability, Deployability, and Maintainability (EDM). As mentioned above, a new mailing list has been created: <>.

Workshops and Workshop reports

There were no workshops during this period.

The report for the IAB Workshop on Exploring Synergy between Content Aggregation and the Publisher Ecosystems (ESCAPE) has been published as RFC8753.

The report for the IAB workshop on Design Expectations vs. Deployment Reality in Protocol Development (DEDR) is in preparation for publication: draft-iab-dedr-report-00

The IAB is about to issue a Call for Contributions for a workshop on COVID-19 Network Impacts to be held virtually in November 2020.


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