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Call for nominations: IETF appointment to the ISOC Board of Trustees

The Internet Society (ISOC) provides organizational and financial support for the IETF. As part of the arrangements between ISOC and the IETF, the IETF is called upon to name 4 Trustees to its Board (BoT), with staggered 3-year terms.

This year, the IAB will select two people for a terms beginning in mid-2021 and ending in mid-2024. The incumbents are Gonzalo Camarillo and John Levine, who have both served two consecutive terms in this role and therefore cannot seek another term due to term limits. The IAB would like to thank Gonzalo and John for their six years of service.

A description of the IAB’s process for selecting the Trustee each year can be found in RFC 3677, with this year’s timeline as follows:

  • Tuesday, November 10, 2020: Open nomination period
  • Tuesday, January 5, 2021: Close of the nomination period
  • Wednesday, January 6, 2021 – Wednesday, February 3, 2021: Community feedback period
  • No later than February 24, 2021: IAB selection delivered to IESG for confirmation
  • No later than March 24, 2021: Delivery of final confirmed selection to the ISOC Elections Committee for announcement with the rest of the new ISOC BoT slate.


Nominations (including self-nominations) should be sent to the IAB Executive Administrative Manager at <>. Please include e-mail contact details with the nomination.

Nomination Details

Nominees should be aware that ISOC Trustees are elected to three-year terms with approximately one third of the Board of Trustees selected each year. The responsibilities of a Trustee include fiscal management of the Internet Society, fundraising, and participation in Board meetings plus conference-call meetings, as detailed by the ISOC Bylaws.

The desirable characteristics of a candidate that are specific to the IETF-selected ISOC BoT member are outlined in section 2 of RFC 3677.

The IAB is aware that this call for nominations overlaps with the process for the selection of the IETF Administration LLC Board. Nominations for individuals who are candidates for the LLC Board are welcome, but the IAB intends not to appoint any individual selected for the IETF Administration LLC board to the ISOC Board of Trustees.

Nominees are asked to provide to the IAB:

  1. Confirmation of their willingness to be considered within this process.
  2. Full name and contact information.
  3. A statement confirming willingness and ability to devote an appropriate level of time to activities associated with the position of Trustee.
  4. A brief biography outlining experience and background.
  5. A statement of interests, concerns about the Internet Society, goals as a Trustee and motivation to serve as a Trustee.
  6. Any further information that is relevant to the work of the IAB in
    considering your nomination.

Time Commitment

Trustees are expected to commit the time necessary to perform regular board and committee business. Trustees are also expected to allocate some time to attend and prepare for meetings.

Care of Personal Information

The following procedures will be used by the IAB in managing this process:

  • The candidate’s name will be published, with all other candidate names, at the close of the nominations period.
  • Excerpts of the information provided to the IAB by the nominated candidate will be passed to the IESG as part of the confirmation process. The IESG will be requested to maintain confidentiality of the candidate’s information.
  • Except as noted above, all information provided to the IAB during this process will be kept confidential to the IAB.

Current IETF-Selected Trustees

The current IETF-Selected ISOC Trustees and their terms of appointment are:

  • Gonzalo Camarillo 2015-2021
  • John Levine 2015-2021
  • Richard Barnes 2016-2022
  • Laura Thomson 2020-2023

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