Internet Architecture Board


Call for Nominations for the ICANN Root Server System Governance Working Group (GWG)

On behalf of the IETF, the IAB provides two technical experts to the ICANN Root Server System Governance Working Group (GWG). The current appointees are Ted Hardie and Geoff Huston. Ted has asked to step down from this role; the IAB thanks him for his service.

The IAB is asking the community for a volunteer to serve on the GWG. If you are interested, please send a short email message to and with your motivation and information concerning your familiarity with the IETF and the Root Server System (RSS) as well as the other standards organizations represented on the GWG. The deadline for nominations is Monday, 2022-04-04 at 23:59 UTC.

The IAB is looking for a diverse pool of candidates. The selected candidate will serve on the GWG on personal title; however, the IAB will be looking for candidates who have an understanding of the interests of the technical community.

This appointment does not have a fixed term; however, work of the GWG is expected to conclude once the final model (“GWG Model”) of cooperation and governance for the RSS has been delivered and the RSSAC, ICANN Board, ICANN community, IETF/IAB, and RSOs have considered its outcomes.

If you are willing to be considered or would like to nominate someone else for one of the GWG positions, please send an email message to and by 23:59 UTC on Monday, 2022-04-04.

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