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János Farkas selected as new IETF liaison manager to IEEE 802.1

Back in December, the IAB sent out a call for volunteers for a new IETF liaison manager to IEEE 802.1. The IAB is pleased to announce that János Farkas has been selected as the new liaison manager to IEEE 802.1.

János is taking over the role from Eric Gray, who recently retired after serving in this role for many years. The IAB thanks Eric for his service.

The IEEE 802.1 Working Group is chartered to concern itself with and develop standards and recommended practices in the following areas: 802 LAN/MAN architecture, internetworking among 802 LANs, MANs and other wide area networks, 802 Security, 802 overall network management, and protocol layers above the MAC & LLC layers.

The IETF process for managing liaison relationships is detailed in RFCs 4052, 4053, and 4691. The IETF’s relationship with IEEE 802 is described in RFC 7241.

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