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IAB Report to the Community for IETF 117

The IAB has uploaded its report for the IETF-117 meeting to the proceedings in the datatracker. In addition, I would like to highlight some recent/on-going activities:

Proposed IAB program on Wholistic Human-Oriented Discussions on Identity Systems (WHODIS)

The IAB is considering a new program on Wholistic Human-Oriented Discussions on Identity Systems (WHODIS) and is currently soliciting community feedback, see here for the proposed program description.

You can provide comments or any kind of feedback directly in GitHub or by mail to either or directly to the IAB at Further this is on the agenda to discuss during the IAB Open Meeting at IETF 117, Tuesday July 25, 13:00-14:30, Room Continental 5.

RFC9419 and RFC9413 published

The IAB recently published two new RFCs providing protocol design guidance for network-application collaboration on path signals as well as guidance on use of active protocol maintenance to increase robustness:

RIPE86 presentation

Some members of the IAB and IESG organised a BoF at RIPE86 to present an IETF Overview of Technical Work and Hot Topics. See the RIPE86 page for the slides and the recording.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the report or anything else, please send a mail to Or feel free to also just send me an email directly!

Hope to see you all at IETF-117 either in person or online, at the IAB Open on Tuesday, or in the hallways and sessions!

Best regards,

Mirja Kühlewind
IAB Chair
On behalf of the IAB

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