Internet Architecture Board


Deborah Brungard selected as new IETF liaison manager to ITU-T Study Group 15

The IAB is pleased to announce that Deborah Brungard has been selected as the new liaison manager to ITU-T Study Group 15.

Deborah is taking over the role from John Drake, who is stepping back after serving in this role for many years. The IAB thanks John for his service.

ITU-T Study Group 15 details technical specifications giving shape to global communication infrastructure. The group’s standards define technologies and architectures of optical transport networks enabling long-haul global information exchange; fibre- or copper-based access networks through which subscribers connect; and home networks connecting in-premises devices and interfacing with the outside world.​

The IETF process for managing liaison relationships is detailed in RFCs 4052, 4053, and 4691. The IETF’s relationship with the ITU-T is described in RFC 6756.

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