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IAB Report to the Community for IETF 118

The IAB has uploaded its report for the IETF 118 meeting to the proceedings in the datatracker.

In addition, I would like to highlight some recent/on-going activities:

Upcoming IAB workshop on Barriers to Internet Access of Services (BIAS)

This workshop aims to collect reports about barriers to access content and services on the Internet, e.g based on filtering, blocking as well as due to general inequality of technological capabilities, like device or protocol limitations. Further this workshop aims to build an understanding of what “being connected” to the Internet means: What is the Internet to users? The workshop will be held online during the week of January 15, 2024. Interested participants are invited to submit position papers by November 24, 2023 to

New IAB Technical Program on Environmental Impacts of Internet Technology (eimpact)

The IAB started a new program on Environmental Impacts of Internet Technology (eimpact). The E-Impact Program is a venue for discussing environmental impacts and sustainability of Internet technology. The program will hold a first public meeting on Tuesday, Nov 7, 11:45-12:45 in Congress Hall 3. The program has a public mailing

Upcoming Appointments for the ISOC Board of Trustees

In early 2024, the IAB will make two appointments to the Internet Society Board of Trustees. The call for nominations will open soon, so please be on the lookout for that announcement.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the report or anything else, please send a mail to Or feel free to also just send me an email directly!

Hope to see you all at IETF 118 either in person or online, at the IAB Open on Tuesday, or in the hallways and sessions!

Best regards,
Mirja Kühlewind
IAB Chair
On behalf of the IAB

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