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IAB Tools and Processes Program

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The IAB Tools and Processes Program focus is on evolving the tools and processes used by the IAB, including:

  • Development of content and tools on the IAB website;
  • Development of tools supporting management of liaisons;
  • Testing of IAB functionality in Data Tracker;
  • Deployment and utilization of tools by the IAB and its programs, including issue trackers, wikis, calendar tools, conferencing services, mailing lists, etc.
  • Support for IPv6 on the IAB internal website;
  • Development of IAB internal procedures and policies.


IAB Members

  • Mary Barnes (Lead)
  • Marc Blanchet
  • Russ Housley
  • Dave Thaler

Non-IAB Members

  • Bernard Aboba
  • Peter Godwin
  • Henrik Levkowetz