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The background for the IETF-IANA group are the IANA functions for the Internet and the IETF, as specified in the IANA MoU (RFC2860) and related agreements between stakeholders. At the IETF, the formal responsibility for the relationship lies in four entities:

  • The IAB that is tasked with IANA oversight
  • The LLC that is tasked with managing the contracts
  • The IETF Trust that holds the rights for related domains and trademarks
  • The CCG, which provides advice and guidance to the IETF Trust

Today, the IANA functions are provided by Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), a purpose-built organization for providing the IANA functions to the community. PTI is an affiliate of ICANN.

The IETF-IANA group organizes regular meetings to provide advice, primarily to the IAB and PTI. The group has participants from both IETF and PTI sides. The group is expected to review the publicly available IANA performance statistics, discuss specific issues that have come up in the protocol parameter service, provide input on proposed yearly updates to the IANA Functions SLA, or any other similar topics.

However, the group is not responsible for daily operational guidance, and does not have any formal role in contracts relating to the IANA functions. The advice that it provides is input to the relevant entities that perform IANA functions (PTI) or provide oversight (the IAB), but may indirectly be useful also for those in charge of contract management on either side.

The group co-leads will review and update membership yearly together with the IAB.

Organizations that the group advises may choose to send their chairs and/or another suitable person to be members of  the group.

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  • Kim Davies (Group co-Lead & PTI President)
  • Russ Housley (Group co-Lead)
  • Harald Alvestrand (IETF-ICANN board liaison)
  • Jari Arkko  (IAB Lead)
  • Jay Daley (LLC Executive Director)
  • Roman Danyliw (IESG)
  • Lars Eggert (IETF Chair)
  • Mirja Kühlewind (IAB Chair)
  • Warren Kumari (IESG)