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Agenda: Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS) Workshop

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19 June 2015, InterContinental Berlin, Charlottenburg Room

9:00 AM: Introduction – Level setting

  • Challenges that we are facing/goals for the workshop (Kathleen Moriarty) – 15 minutes

9:15 AM: 5 minute lightning talks on data exchanges/attack type mitigations described in template submissions.

  • Describe your use case?
  • Where they are focusing?
  • How can others engage with them?
  • Who participates?


Additional Reading:

10:00-10:45 AM: Mat Ford – Moderated discussion: Challenges organizations are facing and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Where do good connections exist and how can more be facilitated?
  • How did your group overcome legal challenges?
  • Does vendor/law enforcement participation have an effect on your operational efforts?

10:45-11:00: 15 minute break

11:00 AM: Dave Dittrich. With great power comes great responsibility: Scaling Responses to DDoS and BotNets Effectively and Safely.

11:30 AM: Panel on Scaling Attack Response for DDoS and BotNets

Lightning Talk by each panelist (one per paper) followed by a discussion

12 or 12:30-1:30: Lunch. Food is provided – Attendees may attend closing FIRST talks

1:30-2:45 PM: DNS & RIRs: Attack Response and Mitigation Methods

Lightning talks followed by a panel.

Panel Lead: Mirjam Kuehne (RIPE)

Answering the questions:

  • What attacks are most prevalent and what mitigation methods are most effective?
  • Does collaboration between RIRS and TLDs impact effectiveness? Can it be improved?
  • Discussion of challenges and possible solutions.
  • Interactions with country-level CSIRTs and operators, what works and what can be improved?
Papers (not speaking):

2:45 PM:

Mio Suzuki, Daisuke Inoue and Takeshi Takahashi. Cross-Organizational Incident Information Sharing using a Darknet Monitoring System (10 Minutes, 5 minutes of questions).

3:00 PM:

Mohamed Boucadair, Christian Jacquenet and Linda Dunbar. Integrating Hosted Security Functions with On-Premises Security Functions — Joint Force to Mitigate Internet attacks (5 minute talk and 10 questions).

3:45 PM:

  • Pat Cain – Trust, Privacy and data markings (20 minutes)
  • Privacy/Sharing discussion (Andrew Sullivan & Ted Hardie) 40 minutes
    • How to manage scale and scope of information sharing
    • How to get into these communities
    • Does the operator-driven sharing get you away from this problem because it’s more of a broker model?
    • How do vendors fit in?

Panel for discussion on ‘Trust and Privacy’

Panel Members: Pat Cain, Chris Morrow, Nancy Cam-Winget, Dave Cridland

Reading list:

4:45 PM: Break

5:00 – 6:00 PM

  • How the Internet architecture helps or hurts their cause, and what operators and CSIRTS need from the IAB (Eliot Lear)
    • Permission models, encryption, identity, privacy etc.
    • WEIRDS, how do these changes affect incident responders?
Reading list for discussion:

Conclusions and next steps

Socialize – we’ll head out for cocktails/beer and food

Supplemental Reading

Lunch and breaks sponsored by EMC
Evening social sponsored by the Internet Society (boat river tour with dinner)