Internet Architecture Board


Workshop on Congestion Control: Position Papers

# Title Author(s)
1 One control to rule them all Michael Welzl
2 Congestion Avoidance Through Deterministic, Pier Luca Montessoro, Riccardo Bernardini, Franco Blanchini, Daniele Casagrande, Mirko Loghi, Stefan Wieser
3 Congestion Control in Real Time Media – Context Harald Alvestrand
4 Improving the Interactive Real-Time Video Communication with Network Provided Congestion Notification ANM Zaheduzzaman Sarker, Ingemar Johansson
5 Multiparty Requirements in Congestion Control for Real-Time Interactive Media M. Westerlund
6 On Fairness, Delay and Signaling of Different Approaches to Real-time Congestion Control Stefan Holmer
7 RTP Congestion Control and RTCWEB Application Feedback Ted Hardie
8 Issues with Using Packet Delays and Inter-arrival Times for Inference of Internet Congestion Wesley M. Eddy
9 Impact of TCP on Interactive Real-Time Communication Ilpo Järvinen, Binoy Chemmagate, Laila Daniel, Aaron Yi Ding, Markku Kojo, and Markus Isomäki
10 Security Concerns For RTCWEB Congestion Control <draft-york-rtcweb-congestion-security> D. York
11 Vendors Considered Harmfull C. Jennings, S. Nandakumar, H. Phan
12 Network-Assisted Dynamic Adaptation Xiaoqing Zhu and Rong Pan
13 Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Applications Sanjeev Mehrotra, Jin Li
14 There is No Magic Transport Wand John Leslie
15 Towards Adaptive Congestion Management for Interactive Real−Time Communications D. Kutscher, M. Kuehlewind
16 Enlarge the pre-congestion spectrum usage? Xavier Marjou, Emile Stephan
17 Congestion control for users who don’t have first-class internet access Maire Reavy
18 Realtime Congestion Challenges Randell Jesup
19 Congestion Control for Interactive Media: Control Loops & APIs Varun Singh, Jörg Ott, Colin Perkins
20 Some Notes on Threat Modelling Congestion Management Eric Rescorla
21 Timely Detection of Lost Packets Ali C. Begen
22 Congestion Control Considerations for Data Channels M. Tuexen
23 Position paper on CC for Interactive RT Matt Mathis
24 Overall Considerations for Congestion Control M. Zanaty, B. VerSteeg, B. Christensen, D. Benham, A. Romanow
25 Fairness Considerations for Congestion Control Mo Zanaty
26 Media is not Data: The Meaning of Fairness for Competing Multimedia Flows Timothy B. Terriberry
27 Thoughts on Real-Time Congestion Control Murari Sridharan
28 Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Flows on Today’s Internet Keith Winstein, Anirudh Sivaraman, and Hari Balakrishnan
29 Congestion Control Principles for CoAP C. Bormann, Ed., K. Hartke
30 Erasure Coding and Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Communication Pierre-Ugo Tournoux, Tuan Tran Thai, Emmanuel Lochin, Jérôme Lacan, Vincent Roca
31 Video Conferencing Specific Considerations for RTP Congestion Control Stephen Botzko and Mary Barnes
32 The Internet is Broken, and How to Fix It Jim Gettys
32 Deployment Considerations for Congestion Control in Real-Time Interactive Media Systems Jari Arkko

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