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Accepted Position Papers

The IAB workshop on Internet Privacy, jointly organized with the W3C, ISOC, and MIT CSAIL, was hosted by MIT on 8-9 December 2010.


Internet Privacy Workshop: Accepted Position Papers

  1. Addressing the privacy management crisis in online social networks
    by Krishna Gummadi, Balachander Krishnamurthy, and Alan Mislove
  2. Thoughts on Adding “Privacy Considerations” to Internet Drafts
    by Alissa Cooper, and John Morris
  3. Toward Objective Global Privacy Standards
    by Ari Schwartz
  4. SocialKeys: Transparent Cryptography via Key Distribution over Social Networks
    by Arvind Narayanan
  5. Web Crawlers and Privacy: The Need to Reboot Robots.txt
    by Arvind Narayanan and Pete Warden
  6. I Know What You Will Do Next Summer
    by Balachander Krishnamurthy
  7. An architecture for privacy-enabled user profile portability on the Web of Data
    by Benjamin Heitmann and Conor Hayes
  8. Addressing Identity on the Web
    by Blaine Cook
  9. Protection-by-Design: Enhancing ecosystem capabilities to protect personal information
    by Jonathan Fox and Brett McDowell
  10. Privacy-preserving identities for a safer, more trusted internet
    by Christian Paquin
  11. Why Private Browsing Modes Do Not Deliver Real Privacy
    by Christopher Soghoian
  12. Incentives for Privacy
    by Cullen Jennings
  13. Joint Privacy Workshop: Position Comments by D. Crocker
    by Dave Crocker
  14. Using properties of physical phenomena and information flow control to manage privacy
    by David Evans and David M. Eyers
  15. Privacy Approaches for Internet Video Advertising
    by Dave Maher
  16. Privacy on the Internet
    by Dorothy Gellert
  17. Can We Have a Usable Internet Without User Trackability?
    by Eric Rescorla
  18. Privacy by Design: The 7 Foundational Principles – Implementation and Mapping of Fair Information Practices
    by Fred Carter and Ann Cavoukian
  19. Internet Privacy Workshop Position Paper: Privacy and Device APIs
    by Frederick Hirsch
  20. Position Paper for Internet Privacy Workshop
    by Heather West
  21. I ‘like’ you, but I hate your apps
    by Ian Glazer
  22. Privicons: A approach to communicating privacy preferences between Users
    by E. Forrest and J. Schallaböck
  23. Privacy Preservation Techniques to establish Trustworthiness for Distributed, Inter-Provider Monitoring
    by J. Seedorf, S. Niccolini, A. Sarma, B. Trammell, and G. Bianchi
  24. Trusted Intermediaries as Privacy Agents
    by Jim Fenton
  25. Protocols are for sharing
    by John Kemp
  26. On Technology and Internet Privacy
    by John Linn
  27. Do Not Track: Universal Web Tracking Opt-out
    by Jonathan Mayer and Arvind Narayanan
  28. Location Privacy Protection Through Obfuscation
    by Jorge Cuellar
  29. Everything we thought we knew about privacy is wrong
    by Kasey Chappelle and Dan Appelquist
  30. TRUSTe Position Paper
    by Kevin Trilli
  31. Position Paper: Incentives for Adoption of Machine-Readable Privacy Notices
    by Lorrie Cranor
  32. Facilitate, don’t mandate
    by Ari Rabkin, Nick Doty and Deirdre K. Mulligan
  33. Location Privacy in Next Generation Internet Architectures
    by Oliver Hanka
  34. HTTPa: Accountable HTTP
    by Oshani Seneviratne and Lalana Kagal
  35. Personal Data Service
    by Paul Trevithick
  36. Several Pressing Problems in Hypertext Privacy
    by Peter Eckersley
  37. Adding Privacy in Existing Security Systems
    by Sam Hartman
  38. Mobility and Privacy
    by S. Brim, M. Linsner, B. McLaughlin, and K. Wierenga
  39. Saveface: Save George’s faces in Social Networks where Contexts Collapse
    by Fuming Shih and Sharon Paradesi
  40. eduroam – a world-wide network access roaming consortium on the edge of preserving privacy vs. identifying users
    by Stefan Winter
  41. Effective Device API Privacy: Protecting Everyone (Not Just the User)
    by Susan Landau
  42. Safebook: Privacy Preserving Online Social Network
    by L. Antonio Cutillo, R. Molva, and M. Önen

Workshop Organizers and Sponsors

The workshop is co-organized by the following groups: Internet Architecture Board (IAB), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Internet Society (ISOC), and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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