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IoT Semantic Interoperability Workshop Agenda

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Day 1

Morning Session starting at 9:00

Opening and Logistics and Scope (Jaime Jimenez/Dave Thaler)

Terminology (Benoit Claise)

Architecture (Ted Hardie)

11:30-11:45         Break

What problems are we trying to solve? (Hannes Tschofenig)

Lunch at 12:30

Afternoon Session starting at 13:30

Mapping Information Models and Data Models (Carsten Bormann/Michael Koster)

Run-time Discovery of Meta-Data (Mathias Kowatsch)

15:30-16:00         Break

Developer Support with Code Generation (Dave Thaler)

What can we do to make re-use easier? (Dave Ragget)

Social Event (19:30)

Santa Clara Pedro’s Restaurant & Cantina
3935 Freedom Circle

Day 2

Morning Session starting at 10:00

Summary of Day #1 (Michael Koster & Jaime Jimenez)

Atoms (David Janes)

— Demos (Matthias Kowatsch, Carsten Bormann, David Janes, Clarke Stevens, Kai Kreuzer)

Coffee Break at 12:00

Morning Session continues at 12:30

— What should we do next? (Ted Hardie)

Late Lunch starting at 14:00