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The Internet Architecture Board, the IETF Internet Area, the IETF Routing Area, the IETF Applications Area, the Czech Technical University in Prague, and the European Commission will hold a workshop on the Friday, 25th March 2011 in Prague on the topic “Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet”.

Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet Workshop: Position Papers

  1. Deployment Experience with Low Power Lossy Wireless Sensor Networks
    by C. Adjih, E. Baccelli, P. Jacquet, P. Minet, M. Philipp, and G. Wittenburg
  2. CoAP improvements to meet embedded device hardware constraints
    by Davide Barbieri
  3. Unified Device Networking Protocols for Smart Objects
    by Daniel Barisic and Anton Pfefferseder
  4. Simplified neighbour cache implementation in RPL/6LoWPAN
    by Dominique Barthel
  5. Home Control in a consumer’s perspective
    by Anders Brandt
  6. Authoring Place-based Experiences with an Internet of Things: Tussles of Expressive, Operational, and Participatory Goals
    by Jeff Burke
  7. A Dynamic Distributed Federated Approach for the Internet of Things
    by Diego Casado Mansilla, Juan Ramón Velasco Pérez, and Mario López-Ramos
  8. Quickly interoperable Internet of Things using simple transparent gateways
    by Angelo P. Castellani, Salvatore Loreto, Nicola Bui, and Michele Zorzi
  9. Position Paper of the Brno University of Technology Department of Telecommunications
    by Vladimir Cervenka, Lubomir Mraz, Milan Simek, Karel Pavlata
  10. Secure Access to IOT Network: An Application-based Group Key Approach
    by Samita Chakrabarti, and Wassim Haddad
  11. Domain-Insulated Autonomous Network Architecture (DIANA)
    by W. Chun
  12. Yet Another Definition on Name, Address, ID, and Locator (YANAIL)
    by W. Chun
  13. The Challenge of Mobility in Low Power Networks
    by E. Davies
  14. If the routing protocol is so smart, why should neighbour discovery be so dumb?
    by Nicolas Déjean
  15. Making Smart Objects IPv6 Ready: Where are we?
    by M. Durvy and M. Valente
  16. Position Paper on “Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet”
    by Mehmet Ersue, and Jouni Korhonen
  17. The Real-time Enterprise: IoT-enabled Business Processes
    by Stephan Haller, and Carsten Magerkurth
  18. Making Internet-Connected Objects readily useful
    by Manfred Hauswirth, Dennis Pfisterer, Stefan Decker
  19. Some Considerations on Routing in Particular and Lossy Environments
    by Thomas Clausen, and Ulrich Herberg
  20. A Security Protocol Adaptation Layer for the IP-based Internet of Things
    by René Hummen, Tobias Heer, and Klaus Wehrle
  21. Simplified SIP Approach for the Smart Object
    by Ryota Ishibashi, Takumi Ohba, Arata Koike, and Akira Kurokawa
  22. Mobility support for the small and smart Future Internet devices
    by Antonio J. Jara, and Antonio F. G. Skarmeta
  23. The Need for Efficient Reliable Multicast in Smart Grid Networks
    by J. Jetcheva, D. Popa, M.G. Stuber, and H. Van Wyk
  24. Lightweight Cryptography for the Internet of Things
    by Masanobu Katagi, and Shiho Moriai
  25. Thoughts on Reliability in the Internet of Things
    by James Kempf, Jari Arkko, Neda Beheshti, and Kiran Yedavalli
  26. IKEv2 and Smart Objects
    by Tero Kivinen
  27. Position Paper on Thing Name Service (TNS) for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    by Ning Kong, and Shuo Shen
  28. Connecting Smart Objects to Wireless WANs
    by Suresh Krishnan
  29. Towards an Information-Centric Internet with more Things
    by D. Kutscher, and S. Farrell
  30. Application of 6LoWPAN for the Real-Time Positioning of Manufacturing Assets
    by Jaacán Martinez and José L. M. Lastra
  31. Lighting interface to wireless network
    by Jaroslav Meduna
  32. Social-driven Internet of Connected Objects
    by Paulo Mendes
  33. Protocols should go forward that are required by non IP based protocols
    by Tsuyoshi Momose
  34. Web services for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
    by Guido Moritz
  35. Connecting BT-LE sensors to the Internet using Ipv6
    by Markus Isomäki, Kanji Kerai, Jari Mutikainen, Johanna Nieminen, Basavaraj Patil, Teemu Savolainen, and Zach Shelby
  36. Position Paper by Bruce Nordman
    by Bruce Nordman
  37. Issues and Challenges in Provisioning Keys to Smart Objects
    by Yoshihiro Ohba, and Subir Das
  38. Challenges and Solutions of Secure Smart Environments
    by Eila Ovaska and Antti Evesti
  39. Research Experiences about Internetworking Mechanisms to Integrate Embedded Wireless Networks into Traditional Networks
    by José F. Martínez, Iván Corredor, and Miguel S. Familiar
  40. Scalable Video Coding in Networked Environment
    by Naeem Ramzan, Tomas Piatrik, and Ebroul Izquierdo
  41. Challenges in Opportunistic Networking
    by Mikko Pitkänen, and Teemu Kärkkäinen
  42. Position Statement
    by Neeli R. Prasad, and Sateesh Addepalli
  43. A Gateway Architecture for Interconnecting Smart Objects to the Internet
    by Akbar Rahman, Dorothy Gellert, Dale Seed
  44. Routing Challenges and Directions for Smart Objects in Future Internet of Things
    by T. A. Ramrekha, E. Panaousis, and C. Politis
  45. 6LoWPAN Extension for IPsec
    by Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt, and Utz Roedig
  46. Connected Vehicle as Smart Object(s)
    by Ryuji Wakikawa
  47. Problem and possible approach of development and operation of Smart Objects
    by Shoichi Sakane
  48. Connecting Passive RFID Tags to the Internet of Things
    by Sandra Dominikus, and Joern-Marc Schmidt
  49. Protocol Profiles for Constrained Devices
    by Juergen Schoenwaelde, Tina Tsou, and Behcet Sarikaya
  50. Multihoming for Sensor Networks
    by J. Soininen
  51. Internet Objects for Building Control
    by Peter van der Stok, and Nicolas Riou
  52. Optimal information placement for Smart Objects
    by Shigeya Suzuki
  53. Multi-National Initiative for Cloud Computing in Health Care (MUNICH)
    by Christoph Thuemmler
  54. The time of the hourglass has elapsed
    by Laurent Toutain, Nicolas Montavont, and Dominique Barthel
  55. Sensor and Actuator Resource Architecture
    by Vlasios Tsiatsis, Jan Höller, and Richard Gold
    by Margaret Wasserman
  57. Trustworthy Wireless Industrial Sensor Networks
    by Markus Wehner, Thomas Bartzsch, Dirk Burggraf, Sven Zeisberg, Alexis Olivereau, and Oualha Nouha
  58. Interconnecting smart objects through an overlay networking architecture
    by Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, Athanassios Liakopoulos and Panagiotis Gouvas
  59. Building trust among Virtual Interconnecting Smart Objects in the Future Internet
    by Theodore Zahariadiς, Helen C. Leligou, Panagiotis Trakadas, and Mischa Dohler
  60. Experience and Challenges of Integrating Smart Devices with the Mobile Internet
    by Zhen Cao, and Hui Deng
  61. The “mesh-under” versus “route over” debate in IP Smart Objects Networks
    by JP Vasseur, and Jonathan Hui
  62. Identification and Authentication of IoT Devices
    by Alper Yegin
  63. Security Challenges For the Internet of Things
    by Tim Polk, and Sean Turner
  64. Application Communications Requirements for ‘The Internet of Things’
    by Bob Dolin
  65. Interoperability Concerns in the Internet of Things
    by Jari Arkko
  66. Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing
    by Ivan Gudymenko, and Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann
  67. The 10 Laws of Smart Object Security Design
    by Hannes Tschofenig, and Bernard Aboba
  68. Position Paper on “In-Network Object Cloud” Architecture and Design Goals
    by Alex Galis, and Stuart Clayman
  69. Temptations and Difficulties of Protocols for Smart Objects and the Internet
    by Alexandru Petrescu
  70. The Internet of Things – Challenge for a New Architecture from Problems
    by Gyu Myoung Lee, and Noel Crespi
  71. Garrulity and Fluff
    by Carsten Bormann, and Klaus Hartke

Workshop Organizers

This workshop is organized by members from the following groups: Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the IETF Internet Area, the IETF Routing Area, the IETF Applications Area, the Czech Technical University in Prague, and the European Commission.

As members of the workshop committee we look forward to your input:

  • Jari Arkko (Internet Area Director)
  • Hannes Tschofenig (IAB)
  • Bernard Aboba (IAB)
  • Carsten Bormann (CoRE and 6LoWPAN WG Chair)
  • David Culler (ROLL WG Chair)
  • Lars Eggert (Transport Area Director, and upcoming IRTF Chair)
  • JP Vasseur (ROLL WG Chair)
  • Stewart Bryant (Routing Area Director)
  • Adrian Farrel (Routing Area Director)
  • Ralph Droms (Internet Area Director)
  • Geoffrey Mulligan (6LoWPAN WG Chair)
  • Alexey Melnikov (Applications Area Director)
  • Peter Saint-Andre (Applications Area Director)
  • Marcelo Bagnulo (IAB)
  • Zach Shelby (Member of the IETF Smart Power Directorate)
  • Isidro Ballesteros Laso (European Commission, Chair of the Future Internet Architecture Group of the EC Future Internet Architecture –
  • Fred Baker (Member of the Smart Power Directorate and liaison to the US Smart Grid Interoperability Panel – SGIP)
  • Cullen Jennings (CoRE WG Chair)
  • Manfred Hauswirth (Member of the Future Internet Architecture Group of the EC Future Internet Architecture –
  • Lukas Kencl (Local Arrangements Chair, Czech Technical University in Prague)

Feel free to contact us at

Hannes Tschofenig 2011-03-24