Internet Architecture Board


IAB Seeks Feedback on Appointment to ICANN Technical Liaison Group

The IAB names two technical experts to the ICANN Technical Liaison Group (TLG). The TLG is tasked with connecting the ICANN Board with appropriate sources of technical advice on specific matters pertinent to ICANN’s activities. Warren Kumari and Paul Wouters are the current experts. Paul’s current term ends in early 2017; he has indicated that […]

Allison Mankin to be next IRTF Chair

After having served as IRTF chair since 2011, Lars Eggert will step down as Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) chair during IETF 98 in March 2017. The IAB has appointed Allison Mankin as his successor, and in the months to come Allison will be working with Lars in transitioning responsibilities. Allison Mankin is an Internet […]

IAB approves RFC format-related drafts for publication

On 3 August 2016, the IAB approved the drafts [1] documenting the requirements for the new RFC format for publication. The RFC Format project goals include: Supporting XML as the unchanging, underlying format Creating TXT, PDF/A-3, and HTML as the outputs Allowing SVG line art (black and white) as per a limited SVG profile Allowing […]