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IAB Comments Regarding the IRTF CFRG chair

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From:     IAB Executive Director 
Subject:  IAB Comments Regarding the IRTF CFRG chair
Date:     January 23, 2014 7:32:34 PM PST
To:       Trevor Perrin
Cc:       IAB, cfrg, ietf, ietf-announce

The IAB thanks Trevor Perrin for his request for our review of the decision
made by the chair of the IRTF regarding Kevin Igoe as co-chair for the
CFRG.  We have taken Trevor Perrin's concerns and others' quite seriously,
as we do the functioning of the IRTF and the CFRG.  We have also taken
into account the comments that we have received from the community.

Sections 2  and 4 of RFC 2014 specify that changes to research groups
are to be sent to us by the chair of the IRTF.  The IAB has concluded
that the chair of the IRTF has, in accordance with RFC 2014,
properly and diligently exercised his responsibilities by investigating
the matter, taking community input, and providing a timely response
that addresses the points that were raised by Trevor Perrin and others.
In doing so, he has decided not to forward to us for consideration any
changes to the CFRG at this time.

While it is certainly true that positions of individuals are often aligned 
with those of their employers, RFC 2014 states: “Participation is by 
individual contributors, rather than by representatives of organizations.”  
We expect individuals to participate in the IRTF in their own capacity
to further the research goals of the IRTF and the Internet community.  
In doing so, we must all remember that as individuals we will all make 
mistakes from time to time.  The best way for anyone to allay their 
concerns about the direction and decisions of a group is to contribute
their own ideas and actively review ideas of others, engaging in discussions 
so that everyone's understanding can be improved.

We count on the chair of the IRTF to continually monitor the CFRG and all RGs
to see that they function properly as specified by their charters.  Should he
find that this is not the case with the CFRG in the future, he may at that time
initiate changes in consultation with the RG and IRSG as specified in Section 4
of RFC 2014.  We understand the CFRG is engaging in discussions on how to
evolve itself and its procedures over time.  The RG may wish to more clearly
specify the manner by which decisions are made and represented. We 
encourage all interested parties to participate in those discussions, and we look 
forward to any changes the chair of the IRTF would bring to us as a result.

Please note that Russ Housley recused himself from this matter.

On behalf of the IAB,
Mary Barnes
IAB Executive Director