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IAB announcement of ISOC Trustee Appointment, May 2003

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IAB Selection of ISOC Trustee

May 27, 2003

Following the closure of the 2003 Internet Society Board of Trustee Election Period, the results of the IETF process to nominate an individual to serve a three year term can now be announced.

The IAB has selected, and the IESG has confirmed the appointment of Margaret Wasserman for a 3 year term as a Trustee of the Internet Society.

Margaret will join Eric Huizer and Fred Baker as IETF-nominated trustees of the Internet Society. While they do not represent the IETF or the IETF Standards Process on the ISOC Board, it is expected that they can call on the support of members of the IETF as required, to ensure that the ISOC Board receives the highest quality technical advice available.

The IAB would like to thank all the people who offered nominations or were nominated and willing to serve.

The process used to make this selection is described in the Internet Draft
draft-iab-isocbot-00.txt. Following the completion of the 2003 process the IAB will now be advancing this document though a review phase, with the intention to publish the process as an informational RFC.

Leslie Daigle,
for the IAB.