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Liaisons to National, Multi-National or Regional Organizations, June 2003

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June 2003

Liaisons to National, Multi-National or Regional Organizations

This note describes the current approach of the IAB to liaisons to national, multi-national, or regional organizations.

  • General

    The IETF is an international body, and as such, does not generally provide or accept liaisons with non-international organizations or for non-international purposes. From time to time, it may be advantageous for the IETF to provide or accept a liaison a non-international organization (hereafter “the organization”) for the purposes of information exchange.

  • Selection of Liaison

    The IAB is responsible for liaisons between the IETF and other organizations. The IAB may, at its discretion, select one or more active participants of the IETF to interact with the organization on the IETF’s behalf as liaison. In keeping with the localized nature of this particular type of liaison, and to minimize barriers such as travel and language, the IAB shall generally try to select a liaison who is a citizen or permanent resident of the country or countries that have chartered the organization. However, other considerations (e.g. need for specific technical expertise, lack of a local candidate) may result in appointment of a liaison from outside that region. The IAB shall prefer to select a liaison who currently does not hold a position as either an IAB or IESG member. At its discretion, the IAB may remove or replace such liaison at any time.

  • Role of Liaison

    The exact role of the liaison is subject to the needs of the organization and the IETF. In general, the liaison should be an honest broker of information between the IETF/IAB/IESG and the organization, and should not represent personal opinion as official position of the IETF. Where appropriate, and where charged by the IAB, the liaison may provide the organization with technical information and opinion appropriate to their area of expertise, but must clearly indicate to the organization the origin of such information or opinion. The liaison should provide timely reports to the IAB on the substance of the interaction with the organization and should from time to time comment on whether there continue to be benefits to the IETF from such a relationship.