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IAB Requirements for Nominated Candidate’s Supporting Material, July 2003

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Material to be provided in support of a Nomination

In undertaking due diligence in its role as the confirming body for nominations to the Internet Engineering Steering Group the IAB would like to advise all Nominating Committees of its expectations in terms of provided material.

When submitting the name of the nominated candidate the IAB requests that the following items of material, clearly separated and labelled, be provided to the IAB at the same time:

  1. Resume or CV of the candidate

  2. Summary of the IETF feedback on the candidate

  3. Summary of the IETF community feedback on the state of the Area and it’s current needs

  4. The Nominating Committee’s conclusions of the qualifications required for the position

  5. Nominating Committee’s view of the qualifications of the candidate to undertake the role associated with the position

  6. Candidate’s statement to the Nominating Committee on the position, conveyed to the IAB with the candidate’s knowledge and assent

The IAB will not disclose this material outside of those IAB members who have the responsibility to consider the nomination.

Geoff Huston
IAB Executive Director

July 2003