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Correspondance to ISO concerning “cs” code, andadvice to ICANN, 25 September 2003

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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003
To: Oliver Smoot <>
Subject: IAB comment on stability of ISO 3166 and other infrastructure standards
From: Leslie Daigle <>

To: Oliver Smoot, President, ISO.
September 26, 2003.

The recent decision by the maintenance agency for ISO 3166 to re-assign
“cs” (formerly Czechoslovakia) to Serbia and Montenegro can cause
problems on the Internet in the form of URIs which include the old TLD
“cs” (as belonging to Czechoslovakia) potentially today referring to a
different object in Serbia and Montenegro. Similar problems can arise in
any protocol which uses domain names (which is about every protocol we
have). One last example is email addresses stored in local users’
address books and on business cards. There are definitely old cards with
the old version of “cs” still out there.

We urge ISO 3166/MA to as soon as practically possible revoke the
assignment, and further to adopt a policy to only reuse Infrastructural
Codes if that is really needed (such as if the number of available codes
is very low) and after a long period of time (such as 200 years).

Best regards,

Leslie Daigle,
Chair, Internet Architecture Board.