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IAB to IANA: Instructions to IANA -Delegation of, 9 February, 2004

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Date: 9 Feb 2004 
Subject: Delegation of

The IAB has considered the most appropriate form of delegation of the reverse mapping for IPv6 addresses used by the 6to4 scheme (as described in RFC3056).

The IAB has determined that the zone be delegated to the Regional Internet Registries. (Minutes of IAB meeting, 17 July 2003)

It is noted that the Regional Internet Registries have recently created the
Number Regional Organization (NRO), an organization intended to support joint RIR activities including this function of common management of this reverse zone.

Could you please coordinate this delegation with the secretariat of the NRO, a function currently being operated by APNIC. Paul Wilson, the Director General of APNIC is copied on this note for this reason.

kind regards,

Geoff Huston
Executive Director
Internet Architecture Board