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ENUM Operations Status Report, 20 July 2004

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ENUM operations status report II-2004 – 20 July 2004

  • Set of six name servers:

    NS[-PRI].RIPE.NET – located at the RIPE NCC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
        contact: RIPE NCC Operations
    Secondaries (in alphabetical order):
    E164-ARPA.CNNIC.NET.CN – located at CNNIC
        contact: Xiaodong Lee
    NS.SUNET.SE – located at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
        contact: Hostmaster
    NS0.VERIO.NET – located at Verio
        contact: Hostmaster
    SEC3.APNIC.NET – located at APNIC, Tokyo, Japan
        contact: George Michaelson
    TINNIE.ARIN.NET – located at ARIN, Chantilly/VA, USA
        contact: ARIN Operations
  • Critical incidents in the ongoing DNS operation:


  • – Envisaged changes, modifications and updates to the ongoing DNS operation:

    • Deploying DNSSec for the tree

    • Deploying DNSMON for the zone and any ENUM registry that wishes to have their zone monitored

    • Publishing DNS stats for delegated E.164 country codes

  • ENUM requests:

    Total: 45

    Approved: 25 – 23 country codes, 2 non-geographical codes
    +31 Netherlands: Directorate-General for Telecommunications and Post
    +33 France: NUMEROBIS
    +36 Hungary: Council of Hungarian Internet Providers
    +40 Romania: ROENUM Registry
    +41 Switzerland: OFCOM
    +43 Austria: The Austrian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Broadcasting
    +44 United Kingdom: U.K. Dept. of Trade and Industry
    +46 Sweden: National Post & Telecom Agency
    +48 Poland: NASK
    +49 Germany: DENIC
    +55 Brazil: The Brazilian Internet Registry
    +65 Singapore: Infocomm Development Authority Singapore
    +86 China: China Internet Network Information Center
    +246 Diego Garcia: Internet Computer Bureau
    +247 Ascension: Internet Computer Bureau
    +290 St. Helena: Internet Computer Bureau
    +353 Ireland: Commission for Communications Regulation
        * objected earlier: IE Domain Registry, Ltd
    +358 Finland: Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
    +374 Armenia: ARMINCO Ltd.
    +420 Czech Republic: CZ.NIC
    +421 Slovakia: Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications
    +423 Liechtenstein: SWITCH
    +971 United Arab Emirates: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
    +87810 UPT: VISIONng
    +8234 Antarctica Mobile: Global Networks
    Objected: 19 – 16 country codes, 2 non-geographical codes, 1 unspecified code
    +7 Russian Federation and Kazakstan: JSC KUBTELECOM
    +7x (x != 3) Russian Federation: MSU science park
    +30 Greece: Institute of Computer Science of Greece
    +41 Switzerland: SWITCH Network Operation Center
    +44 United Kingdom: TLD Solutions, Ltd
    +60 Malaysia: MIMOS BHD
    +61 Australia: Australian Telecommunications Authority
    +82 South Korea: Korean ENUM Registry
    +262 Reunion: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +269 Comoros: Ministere de l’Economie et de FInances
    +508 Saint Pierre and Miquelon: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +590 Guadeloupe: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +594 French Guiana: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +596 Martinique: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +681 Wallis and Futuna: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +687 New Caledonia: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +689 French Polynesia: Ministere de l’Economie et de Finances
    +800 International Freephone Service: TLD Solutions, Ltd
    +886 Reserved: Taiwan Network Information Center
    +3883 ETNS: Acropolis Telecom
    Discontinued: 1 – 1 non-geographical code
    +991001 Enum Trial: Neustar
    Pending: none