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IAOC positions selected by the IESG and IAB -Call for Nominations, 23 February 2005

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Call for nominations: IAOC positions selected by the IESG and IAB

23 February, 2005

The IESG and the IAB are making a call for volunteers for the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC), as described in the approved BCP (draft-ietf-iasa-bcp-07).

The IESG and the IAB are working based on the process in draft-iab-iesg-iaoc-selection; this is a new process, so we’ll adjust it as we go along.

The IESG will select one person for one year, ending in spring 2006. The IAB will select one person for two years. In later years, the IESG and the IAB will select people for two-year terms in alternate years.)

Candidates for these IAOC positions should have knowledge of the IETF, knowledge of contracts and financial procedures, and familiarity with the administrative support needs of the IAB, the IESG, and the IETF standards process

The candidates are also expected to be able to understand the respective roles and responsibilities of the IETF and ISOC in this activity, and be able to articulate these roles within the IETF community.

The candidates will also be expected to exercise all the duties of an IAOC member, and to be prepared to undertake any associated responsibilities, including the setting of administrative support policies, oversight of the administrative operations of the IETF, representing the interests of the IETF to the IAOC, and be able to undertake full participation in all Committee meetings and Committee activities. Therefore, demonstrated experience in management, especially with budget authority, executive duties, or board-level fiduciary responsibility is desirable.

If you are interested in one of these positions, or know of someone who may be a good fit for this position, please send the name and email address to .

The IESG/IAB will respond with a questionnaire, asking for the candidates’ qualifications and willingness to serve, and whether they want to be considered for the one-year position, the two-year position, or both.

The names of all people who declare themselves willing to serve will be made public after the end of the solicitation period (March 14).

The IESG and IAB both expect to make a decision on or before April 4.