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IAB & IESG initial IAOC appointments , 4 April 2005

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IAB & IESG initial IAOC appointments

4 April, 2005

The IAB and IESG have reviewed the candidates and supporting material provided for their 2005 IAOC appointments process. We would like to thank all those who accepted nomination and who contributed input to the process.

The IAB has selected Lucy Lynch for their 2-year appointment to the IAOC.

The IESG has selected Kurtis Lindqvist for their 1-year appointment to the IAOC.

The IAB and IESG followed the process outlined in draft-iab-iaoc-selection-01.txt, carefully reviewing all candidates in the light of the criteria outlined in draft-ietf-iasa-bcp-07.txt [*], and determined that Lucy and Kurtis, both members of the IASA transition team, were the best fit across the criteria.

With these appointments and ISOC’s concurrent announcement of their selection, the initial IAOC is now “live”, and the IASA structure is instantiated. The initial IAOC, which also includes the IETF Chair, the IAB Chair, and the ISOC President as ex officio members, will be seated at the first regular business meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 7.

We have put in a request to the IETF Secretariat to create a mailing list to address the IAOC — when that is created, you will be able to send messages directly to the IAOC at

Leslie and Brian,
for the IAB & IESG.

[* from draft-ietf-iasa-bcp-07.txt:]

"  While there are no hard rules regarding how the IAB and the IESG
   should select members of the IAOC, such appointees need not be
   current IAB or IESG members (and probably should not be, if only to
   avoid overloading the existing leadership).  The IAB and IESG should
   choose people with some knowledge of contracts and financial
   procedures, who are familiar with the administrative support needs of
   the IAB, the IESG, or the IETF standards process.  The IAB and IESG
   should follow a fairly open process for these selections, perhaps
   with an open call for nominations or a period of public comment on
   the candidates. "