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IAB to IETF – IETF Liaison to IEEE 802.1, 1 February 2006

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From: Bernard Aboba <> Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 8:44 AM To: Subject: IETF Liaison to IEEE 802.1


The IAB has noted an apparent need to appoint an additional IETF liaison representative to IEEE 802 (specifically to IEEE 802.1) to address current and upcoming MIB work and other matters of joint interest. We have not found an immediately apparent candidate, and are therefore looking for suggestions, based on the brief profile for the role, below.

We would like you to consider this profile and either suggest yourself or other people that you think that would fit well in this role by sending mail to the IAB at We do not intend to disclose the names of the nominees in public, but we will be discussing this with relevant Area Directors and WG chairs. If you have a problem with your name being mentioned in this context, please let us know.

Note that this profile is written for a somewhat ideal candidate. We fully realize that such people are probably non-existent. So don’t hesitate to suggest somebody who in your opinion would fit this role but might not meet all the qualifications 100 percent. Here is the profile:

  • Familiarity with IEEE 802. The position does not require voting membership in IEEE 802.1. However, it is important for the candidate to understand IEEE 802.1 technology, and the IEEE 802 standards process. Attendance at IEEE 802.1 meetings is helpful, but not a requirement.
  • Enough time available. For example, it is preferable that the candidate not be chair of more than one IETF WG, or a member of the IESG or IAB.

  • Lack of conflict of interest. Under the liaison guidelines, it is preferred that the individual not be an officer of IEEE 802.

We would like to receive your comments & suggestions by February 15th 2006 and we plan to make a decision as soon as possible thereafter. It will be helpful if you indicate in your email how you or the suggested person fits this profile as best as possible.

Bernard Aboba,
for The IAB