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The IAB responds to the ITU-T SG2 on ENUM and e164 domain management, 30 August 2006

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Title: Re: ENUM and e164 domain management Submission Date: 2006-08-30 URL of the IETF Web page:″

From: Leslie Daigle(IAB)
To: ITU-T SG2(SG2 Counsellor ) Cc: Gary Richenaker Scott Bradner
Reponse Contact: Leslie Daigle
Technical Contact: Purpose: In response Body: Richard, The IAB would like to thank Q.1/2 for its input and reiterate our commitment to coordinate with ITU-T TSB if there are material changes planned that would affect . For ourselves, we anticipate better coordination with ICANN in the future, with respect to changes affecting .arpa (see our correspondance to ICANN, from December 2005 [1]). For your interest, we have also enquired as to the state of deployment of DNSSEC on .arpa zone (see [2]). For we are about to send a similar enquiry to the RIPE NCC. We remain happy to hear any comment Q.1/2 might have on these or other topics. Best regards, Leslie. Leslie Daigle Chair, IAB. [1]

> ——– Original Message ——– > Subject: New Liaison Statement, “ENUM and e164 domain management” > Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 06:03:36 -0400 > From: Richard Hill “(ITU-T SG 2)”
> Reply-To: SG2 Counsellor
> To: IAB Chair
> CC: SG2 Counsellor , > Gary Richenaker
> Title: ENUM and e164 domain management > Submission Date: 2006-05-17 > URL of the IETF Web page: >
> Please reply by 2007-01-15 >
> From: Richard Hill(ITU-T SG 2)
> To: IAB(IAB Chair ) > Cc: > Reponse Contact: SG2 Counsellor
> Technical Contact: Gary Richenaker
> Purpose: For action > Body: As you are aware, the issue of ENUM and the e164 domain > management are of extreme importance to our membership and Q.1/2 > wants to express its appreciation for the liaison regarding the > update to the contact information in WHOIS for >
> Q.1/2 wants to point out that we were made aware of the proposed > settlement agreement between ICANN and Verisign involving the > management of .arpa TLD from the ICANN website. We understand that > active negotiations are underway between the contracting parties, > but SG2 would like to be kept abreast of activities that deal with > the management of .arpa domain following a more formal liaison > notification process. >
> We want to thank you for your consideration in this matter and look > forward to our continued cooperation.