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IAB Minutes 1994-09-23

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    Steve Crocker
    Robert Elz
    Elise Gerich
    Phill Gross
    Christian Huitema
    John Klensin
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    John Romkey
    Dave Sincoskie
    Abel Weinrib
    Lixia Zhang


    During the information infrastructure workshop: Thursday October 13, 7-9 AM EDT with remote phone hookup for those not attending the workshop.


  • Elise Gerich: Submit to the RFC editor the document on assignment of global addresses and the use of 1597.

  • John Romkey: Send a draft agenda for the workshop to the ii-workshop list for discussion. [DONE]

  • Lixia Zhang, Yakov Rekhter and Phill Gross: Write discussion paper on the impact of commercialization on the Internet.

  • Christian Huitema: Write discussion paper on the integration of services and its impact on usage and models of usage.

  • Yakov Rekhter: Revise RFC 1560.


  • Christian Huitema and Steve Crocker: prepare a brief note outlining follow-up to security retreat.

  • Yakov Rekhter: Prepare a review of “routing architecture for a multi-provider, international internet.”


    1. Agree on the agenda

    2. Closure on Elise’s document

      Elise Gerich did not take a message to the RIPE working group on local registries because the IAB had not reached consensus by the time she departed for Europe. She heard that the working group felt that the authors of RFCs 1597 and 1627 should combine them into a new RFC.

      Consensus was reached that Elise’s document should be forwarded to the RFC editor for publication. The goal of the document is: “To reiterate that IP network numbers should be unique and people should be able to get them when they want. The principles stated in 1597 are no substitute for unique network numbers in the internet.”

    3. Workshop preparation

      A discussion of how to set the agenda for the information infrastructure concluded with the agreement that John Romkey should send out a draft agenda to the mailing list for discussion.

      The goals of the workshop were outlined as:

        communicating to the IAB about infrastructure issues
        communicating to applications people about Internet issues
        defining architectural problems and coming up with solutions

    4. State of the vision

      The questions of “Why are people asking for a vision?” and “Is it clear or not?” led to a discussion of what the vision might be. One suggestion was:

      “Connect every computer to the Internet with the TCP/IP suite and make the world a better place.”

      However, this brought up previous work done in the IETF community on a multi-protocol Internet, in particular RFC 1560 by Rekhter and Leiner. It was suggested that this RFC could be revised to reflect the results of the IPv6 work, which positions IPv6 to absorb other existing protocols.

      One area where it was agreed that the “vision” is unclear is the impact of commercialization, which is expected to substantially change how the Internet operates. This might be a good topic for the next IAB workshop. To start the investigation of this topic, Lixia, Yakov and Phill offered to write a discussion paper on this topic.

      Another important area for the vision is the effect of the integration of services on the Internet. Christian offered to write a discussion paper on this topic.

      Finally, it was agreed that another paper should be written focusing on the principles of the Internet for newcomers. This topic is still waiting for volunteers.

      Further discussion of “the vision” is clearly required and will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

    5. RPC/XDR

      Dave Crocker sent a message to the IAB list requesting that the IAB look into the handling of the negotiations between Sun and ISOC regarding RPC/XDR. While this is primarily an IESG issue, he is asking for a review of the process by the IAB.

      The negotiations appear to be stalled, with the initiative having been taken by the lawyers on both sides. On the other hand, the technical players still desire a positive outcome. Questions that must be addressed forthwith are whether Sun wants to put the technology in the public domain or transfer it to someone (e.g., ISOC), as well as issues of trademark issues and possible pending patents.

      Christian will act as the IAB contact on this issue.

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