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    Brian Carpenter Steve Crocker Robert Elz Elise Gerich Phill Gross Christian Huitema John Klensin Paul Mockapetris Yakov Rekhter John Romkey Dave Sincoskie Mike St. Johns Abel Weinrib Lixia Zhang

NEXT MEETING: Teleconference 10-12 AM EST Wednesday November 9. NEW ACTION ITEMS: * Dave Sincoskie: Follow up on standardizing S/key within the IETF. * Lixia Zhang: Ask end-to-end group for their advice on how to measure the “performance” of an internet. * Dave Sincoskie and Paul Mockapetris: Organize a BOF on internet performance measurement at the next IETF. * Jon Postel (IANA): Report on problems with the current DNS registry process and possible solutions. * Christian Huitema: Follow up with Tony Rutkowski on Internet usage survey. OLD ACTION ITEMS: * Elise Gerich: Submit to the RFC editor the document on assignment of global addresses and the use of 1597. * Lixia Zhang, Yakov Rekhter and Phill Gross: Write discussion paper on the impact of commercialization on the Internet. * Christian Huitema: Write discussion paper on the integration of services and its impact on usage and models of usage. * Yakov Rekhter: Revise RFC 1560. * Christian Huitema and Steve Crocker: prepare a brief note outlining follow-up to security retreat. * Yakov Rekhter: Prepare a review of “routing architecture for a multi-provider, international internet.”


    1. Agree on agenda.

    2. Review of outstanding action items.

      • Christian Huitema and Steve Crocker: prepare a brief note outlining follow-up to security retreat.

      Should this be a whitepaper, a press release, or what? The basic message should be:

        “no passwords in the clear”
        “no credit card numbers in the clear”

      It was generally agreed that the IAB iab should prepare a policy statement on this. Steve Crocker will find the best way to publicize it–considering whether we should prepare a press release and/or contact various reporters.

      • Yakov Rekhter: Prepare a review of “routing architecture for a multi-provider, international internet.”

      The discussion of this action item turned into a discussion of what causes the poor end-to-end service experienced by some users. It was postulated that many service problems in the Internet may well be related to inadequate service being provided by certain providers, but the lack of a specification of the service that an Internet service provider offers (and of tools to measure it) makes this difficult to ascertain. Users (reasonably) expect that their service provider will provide them with IP service that supports TCP connections. Real TCP implementations have a (measurable) range of packet loss over which they operate, but no standardized measure of IP service exist.

      It was agreed that there is a pressing need for the definition of performance measures and the development of mechanisms for measuring them. These specifications and tools will then allow market forces to reign. An IETF working group should be formed to establish standards for user measurement of network performance; up-front technical work is required to determine what these measurements should be.

      This could be a good topic for a future IAB workshop, bringing together network providers, users, measurement experts, etc.

    3. Continue “vision” discussion:

        impact of commercialization (Lixia, Phill, Yakov)
        effect of integration of services (Christian)
        principles of the Internet architecture for newcomers ()

      Jon was volunteered to prepare the last paper, but he was not present to accept the challenge.

    4. Sun RPC progress.

      Some agreement will happen… being handled by Paul and Bob Hinden

      More generally, the IAB needs to consider the issue of patents and the Internet architecture in a future meeting.

    5. DNS registry:,, etc.

      NSF is getting tired of paying for 2000 .com registrations per month, each one taking about four minutes of someone’s time allowing for little to no screening of the requests. (Note the controversy and confusion surrounding the and domains allocations.) There was an NSF-sponsored meeting on this issue, which concluded that a charging model should be developed for registration services (on a yearly maintenance basis).

      More generally, it is unclear who actually controls the name space and what is fair procedures. One suggestion is that registration requests be posted for public notice for a challenge period to allow others to contest the request. It is also administratively hard to manage the current large flat name space of .com, and the applicability of trademark and other law on the registration process are unknown.

      It was agreed that the IAB will request that the IANA study this problem and suggest solutions.

    6. Survey of Internet usage

      There does not appear to be any IAB member who has the interest and time to take the lead on a proposed survey of Internet usage in the United States. (It would cost on the order of $10k, but that is not the major road block.)

      Dave Sincoskie has identified someone at Bellcore who has skills in survey design and is willing to help with the questions, but someone from the Internet community needs to work with her. Tony Rutkowski has expressed considerable interest in the survey, so it was decided to see if he is interested in taking it on.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available in the directory