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    Brian Carpenter Robert Elz Elise Gerich Christian Huitema Paul Mockapetris Jon Postel Yakov Rekhter Dave Sincoskie Mike St. Johns Abel Weinrib Lixia Zhang


    Sunday 1-6 April 2 in Danvers (Buckingham room).



    • Yakov Rekhter: Last call and publish the “routing in multiprovider Internet” document as an informational RFC.

    • Christian Huitema: Arrange for signing of (and sign) ISO/JTC1/SC6 agreement during open IAB meeting at Danvers.

    • Christian Huitema: Prepare security “propaganda” (summary of what is going on in security coordinating with Jeff Schiller).

    • Christian Huitema: Send Bill Simpson mail inviting him to present at the ONC RPC inquiry.


    • All: Send suggestions for areas of work and people to lead them for the IRTF.

    • Paul Mockapetris: Pass the “not all rfc are standard” draft by the IESG.

    • Lixia Zhang: Make progress on the special group on non-provider based addressing.

    • Jon Postel and Abel Weinrib: Develop a draft document outlining the rules, practices, etc. for the Internet Research Task Force.

    • Jon Postel (IANA): Report on problems with the current DNS registry process and possible solutions.

    • Lixia Zhang, Yakov Rekhter and Phill Gross: Write discussion paper on the impact of commercialization on the Internet.

    • Christian Huitema: Write discussion paper on the integration of services and its impact on usage and models of usage.

    • Yakov Rekhter: Revise RFC 1560.


    1. Agree on agenda.

    2. Prepare the stage for the inquiry into IESG inaction on ONC RPC.

        We received statements from Vint Cerf (dated Thu, 9 Mar 95 08:50 EST), from Dave Crocker (dated Fri, 17 Mar 1995 11:59:40 -0800), although the actual status of his response is dubious, and also from Paul Mockapetris (dated Tue, 21 Mar 95 07:13:30 PST), although not clearly presented as a statement. I also received a message from Bob Hinden calling for an extension of the deadline. I think that we agreed to proceed, and were in fact requested to by Paul.

      It was decided that the IAB will examine the input from the various parties at the Sunday meeting in Danvers.

      The review itself will be held on Tuesday. The tentative order for speakers was set to be: Dave Crocker, Bob Hinden, Bill Simpson (see 2a below), a representative from ISOC, and finally Paul Mockapetris. If someone from Sun agrees to speak, they can come between Dave and Bob.

      The conclusions will be announced at the Wednesday evening open IAB meeting.

    2a. Bill Simpson’s appeal.

      There is insufficient time before this IETF meeting to review Bill Simpson’s appeal, including obtaining input from others involved. However, the portions of his appeal that pertain to intellectual property issues (patents, etc.) and the standards process and the shortcomings of RFC 1602 in this regard have considerable overlap with similar issues in the ONC/RPC appeal. Thus, the IAB will invite Bill Simpson to make a presentation that focuses on the intellectual property issues and RFC 1602 that are illustrated by his appeal. Bill will be scheduled to speak after Bob Hinden.

      This second appeal makes even more apparent that in addition to perceived problems with the intellectual property rights portion of RFC 1602, we also have a process problem. As currently stated, the only way to get the IAB involved is to complain that the IESG did something wrong. We need a way for the IAB to be called in to examine process issues without there necessarily having been a mistake on anyone’s part.

    3. Review of outstanding action items.

    4. Set the agenda for the Sunday and Wednesday evening IAB meeting.

        Should include the report on the “review”. Also, Vint Cerf asked that we proceed there to the signing of the agreement between ISOC and JTC1/SC6. His idea is that IAB is responsible for all standard matters and that I, not him, should sign the agreement.

      Sunday: Prepare for ONC/RPC review
      Clean house for next IAB/prepare legacy
      Review Yacov’s RFC
      ISOC issues
      Hear report on progress re. non-provider based addressing
      Close “who owns the address space” issue and “do you get to keep your addresses?”

      Wednesday: Report on review
      Formal signature of ISOC agreement.
      Review of the IAB’s year.
      Announce attempt to revive the IRTF

      Friday: Discuss the future of the IPng area.

    5. Prepare the vote on the nominees.

        (Actually vote?)
        There seems to be a consensus that the nomination should be announced by the IAB. Do we have enough information to vote? Do we still plan to conduct the vote on April 2?

      The slate of candidates for the IESG was approved by unanimous consent of those who voted, either present at the teleconference or by e-mail. (Steve Crocker and John Romkey voted by e-mail in advance. Elise Gerich had to leave the conference before the vote, but voted later by e-mail.)

      The discussion then turned to how the results should be announced: whether the IAB should announce the results and thank the Nominations Committee for its hard work, or whether the Nom. Comm. should announce the results. The other issue was the timing of the announcement: either immediately, or at the Thursday open IESG meeting.

      The discussion was inconclusive, and it was decided to leave it to Christian to contact John Curran (the Nom. Comm. chair) and make a decision.

Future Meetings

    Meetings in Danvers:

      Old IAB will meet Sunday 1-6 before IETF.
      New IAB will meet with IESG on Friday morning 9-12.
      Old and new IAB will have dinner Thursday night.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An on-line copy of these and other minutes are available online