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IAB Minutes 1995-04-19

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    Brian Carpenter
    Steve Crocker
    Robert Elz
    Elise Gerich
    Phill Gross
    Christian Huitema
    Paul Mockapetris
    Robert Moskowitz
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    Chris Weider
    Abel Weinrib
    Lixia Zhang


    Teleconference May 10, 10-12 EDT.



    • Chris Weider: Make sure the information infrastructure workshop report gets published.
    • Christian Huitema: Contact ISO liaison re. relationships with other JTC1 organizations.
    • Christian Huitema: Send note to ISOC (Vint Cerf) suggesting that ISOC pursue becoming a member of ITU.
    • Abel Weinrib: Send out last year’s “areas of interest” ballot to the IAB list.


    • Lixia Zhang and Brian Carpenter: Study relationship of IP over ATM and int-serv work.
    • Christian Huitema: Prepare security “propaganda” (summary of what is going on in security coordinating with Jeff Schiller).
    • All: Send suggestions for areas of work and people to lead them for the IRTF.
    • Lixia Zhang: Make progress on the special group on non-provider based addressing.
    • Jon Postel and Abel Weinrib: Develop a draft document outlining the rules, practices, etc. for the Internet Research Task Force.
    • Jon Postel (IANA): Report on problems with the current DNS registry process and possible solutions.
    • Lixia Zhang, Yakov Rekhter and Phill Gross: Write discussion paper on the impact of commercialization on the Internet.
    • Christian Huitema: Write discussion paper on the integration of services and its impact on usage and models of usage.
    • Yakov Rekhter: Revise RFC 1560.
    • John Romkey: Create report on information infrastructure workshop.


    1. Agree on agenda.

    2. IAB chair selection.

      Christian Huitema was reelected as chair.

      Christian will continue to serve at least until the July meeting of the IETF.

    3. Review of outstanding action items.

      Addressing (Lixia Zhang)

        preparing minutes of small meeting; will send minutes to IAB list.
        presentation of conclusions in Honolulu

      Service model (Christian Huitema)

        discussion of Infocom debate on the need for reservations
        should publish a report/summary of the discussion
        do we need a workshop in this general area?

    4. Liaisons

      JTC1 SC18, SC21:

          18=directories and mail
          21=applications layer

        The IESG was contacted by directory and mail committee. Will propose that we sign the same text as with SC6.


        The US state department might vote against a formal liaison between IETF and ITU unless preliminary spade work is done in advance. (Could generate consensus within government if we decide what it is that we want to do.) Issue for us is whether liaison would be useful, and then get people in US to think this is a good idea so state department will approve. It has been proposed that the Internet Society become a registered member of the ITU. Then, IETF would have same status as ISO. Thus, it was decided to leave this with ISOC for the time being.

      More generally:

        We need to ask that those who want to liaison with us send us a formal letter proposing a liaison. Then we can send them the SC6 text.

      More basic:

        How do we choose between all of the liaisons being proposed? There are potentially hundreds. No consensus was reached on this question.

    5. Workshop on telecomm. and Internet with IEEE and ISOC sponsorship.

      Possible topic: IP over ATM and quality of service.
      Does the IAB want to get involved in this? No strong desire was expressed.,p>
      Date: some time in 1996.

      The question is who should be chair/cochair from Internet side?

    6. Information Infrastructure Research Group

      Erik Huizer and Chris Weider will propose one. They have lots of organizations to liaise with.

    7. Priorities for this year’s IAB.

      Bob Moskowitz: Focus on how Internet will work for commercial users. Service providers issues, applications, addressing, security.

      Chris Weider: Internet becoming the de facto digital library for the planet. Make sure it all works together.

      Christian Huitema: Turn the Internet into the main communications infrastructure for the next century. What is the main consequence to the architecture?

      It was decided that we should revisit the issues we voted on a year ago to see which are still relevant.

      There was also a short discussion of what level of issues the IAB should address. Short term vs. long term, etc. No conclusions were drawn.

    8. How many task forces do we need under ISOC? Do we need one with lawyers?

      Do we want a group of lawyers who get together to talk about Internet law to have any relationship with IAB?

      The consensus was that we should not get directly involved, and that we should ask that they not call themselves a “task force” because it might cause confusion.

      The discussion then turned to the more general question of how many task forces is appropriate. Do we need an Internet Operations task force and an Internet Users task force beyond the current one for engineering and one for research?

      For instance, a “user forum” would give tourists somewhere to go, or perhaps an Internet education forum. Some of the working groups in the user services area are far from engineering, but they still serve a useful purpose by providing somewhere for things to percolate as the engineering issues are defined.

      Do we need an application task force? Perhaps, but first put more structure onto the applications area over the next year.

    9. Subnetting Class A addresses

      The goal of the proposal is to allow experimentation to see how software works with subnetted class A. It was agreed that the reason needs to be even more explicitly stated so that people don’t get alarmed.

Future Meetings

    May 10, 10-12 EDT
    INET in Honolulu
    Stockholm–schedule a meeting in the first couple of days: Monday or Wednesday afternoon. Put IAB meeting to not conflict with CIDR-D.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An on-line copy of these and other minutes are available online