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IAB Minutes 1995-06-29

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(Meeting held over dinner at INET’95 in Hawaii)


    Elise Gerich
    Christian Huitema
    Erik Huizer
    Paul Mockapetris
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    Chris Weider
    Lixia Zhang


    During Stockholm IETF meeting.


    1) review of action items
    2) report on board of directors meeting
    3) Lixia’s report on IAB study group
    5) Paul’s suggestion for plenary session at IETF
    6) Yakov’s draft about CIDR and classful addressing
    7) kid code
    8) RSVP and mobil IP incompatibility
    9) status of IRTF
    10) draft of names are better than addresses


    1) Action items

      Erik mentioned that there had been little succes getting the applications workshop report from John Romkey. Erik will request the raw data from John, and Chris and Erik will construct the report.

    2) Jon reported on happenings at the ISOC board meeting.

      Highlights of the report were:

      1. board deleted initial period in the by-laws
      2. trustees will be limited to a total term of office of 6 years
      3. ISOC balance sheet was difficult to understand
      4. ISOC has income of about $1 million $125K will be allocated to the IETF for the period from July ’95 thru December ’95. Plan to budget $250K to the IETF for subsequent years
      5. discussion of potential ISOC activities – didn’t hear of any that ISOC has decided to pursue.
      6. the trustees have authorized the negotiators with Internet, Inc. to settle the trademark dispute.
      7. a committee was appointed to investigate the charter membership issue
      8. the trustees, IAB members and IESG members are all covered by the new insurance policy
      9. officers were elected, and Tony Rutkowski’s contract was extended for 6 months
      10. Christian was tasked to form a committee on ISOC-IETF relations.

    3) Lixia’s report

      Lixia has formed a 6 person team to investigate and evaluate addressing proposals. The team members are Peter Ford, Dave Clark, Steve Deering, Lixia Zhang, Yakov Rekhter and Jon Postel. The team has had weekly conference calls for the last 2 months and there are on average 4 people on each call.

      The group summarized all the proposals to three categories:

      • metro-based addressing (Deering, Simpson)
      • provider-based addressing (Rekhter et al)
      • dynamic provider binding addressing (Clark, Ohta)

      In the evaluation process, the group has come up with a list of objectives:

      1. must facilitate provider selection
      2. maximize options for competition, minimize risk of regulation
      3. must scale well
      4. must not violate the basic IP architectural principles
        1. must avoid circular dependencies
        2. addresses should be the same at the source and destination

      An open issue is what should be said about universal connectivity.

      Lixia indicated that two questions come to mind as a result of the discussions of the group: 1) should we select a plan that facilitates universal connectivity? 2) should we have globally routable addresses that are independent from providers?

    4) Thursday plenary

      At the plenary on Thursday in Stockholm, there will be a three part presentation about addressing. The goal is to present addressing issues which must be taken into account and how these issues have resulted in compromises with regard to the treatment of the IPv4 address space.

      The three parts of the presentation are:

      1. classical CIDR concerns (?)
      2. addresses are unique (Elise)
      3. what the future holds for addressing (Lixia)

      Lixia’s part will be a report on the IAB addressing study group work.

    5) Agenda of open IAB

      One agenda point – architectural principles with the goal of soliciting input from the community.

      Paul will present the principles of an Internet Architect circa 1983. Brian will be asked to present a slide mentioning ideas circulated on the IAB list. Christian will present a slide with principles expressed in his book.

      NEW IAB POLICY: speakers will agree to make their presentation slides available to other members of the IAB mailing list 24 hours in advance of the presentation.

    6) RSVP/mobile IP issue

      concerns about incompatibility should be taken directly to the working group.

    7) “Names are better than addresses”

      draft is not ready for prime time.

    8) Draft of CIDR/classful addressing

      RFC will be reissued by Yakov with an IAB last call day of T + 4 days.

    9) Status of IRTF

      – discussion deferred until Abel is present

    10) Vint is leading a BOF on kid code at the Stockholm IETF.

      No further action needed at this time.

These minutes were prepared by Elise Gerich, An online copy of these and other minutes are available online