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IAB Minutes 1996-01-09

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    Brian Carpenter
    Steve Crocker
    Robert Elz
    Elise Gerich
    Christian Huitema
    Erik Huizer
    Larry Landweber (ISOC liaison)
    Allison Mankin
    Robert Moskowitz (from a plane!)
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    Chris Weider
    Abel Weinrib
    Lixia Zhang



    • Jon Postel, Brian Carpenter, Bob Moskowitz, (and Randy Bush): Put together a list of bullet points for the DNS workshop.
    • Steve Crocker, Chris Weider, Brian Carpenter, Abel Weinrib: Flesh out a proposal for increasing the IAB’s role by influencing the pre-standards work that results in new Internet technology.
    • Brian Carpenter: Send the ILTF a friendly letter.


    • Brian Carpenter: Check into unexpired old IAB-authored Internet drafts.
    • Phill Gross: Send out a second draft of the “IETF goals, vision, and planning” document.
    • Abel Weinrib: Develop a draft document outlining the rules, practices, etc. for the Internet Research Task Force. Emphasize open publishing of results.
    • Christian Huitema: Write discussion paper on the integration of services and its impact on usage and models of usage.


    Review action items.

      Workshop on character sets will be held the week before IETF meeting at ISI. Chris will report on it during IAB open meeting.

    Pending documents

      • Renumbering v0.3–has been on list for comments; will now publish as an RFC.
      • Architectural principles 0.1–IAB last call, and then publish as informational RFC.
      • Article for Connexions on “what does the IAB do”–last call, then publish.

    DNS Workshop(s)

      Representation from the IAB to the February 2 workshop is expected to be Allison Mankin, Elise Gerich, Jon Postel and Bob Moskowitz; it was also assumed that Paul Mockapetris will also attend.

      The question was raised whether the IAB should also hold a workshop on DNS issues. Concerns were raised that this might just repeat what the NSF workshops are doing.

      Instead, it was suggested that we focus on the technical solutions that would help the problem. Areas that were suggested include “mutual exclusion” techniques, proposals for engineered name spaces that allow trademarks, but also free names for all (although such free names might well be “meaningless” strings). Various approaches were suggested, including running a BOF at IETF, writing up preliminary drafts, or stimulating formation of a design team to write these up before LA IETF meeting.

    Discussion of Steve Crocker’s concerns re. the relevance of the IAB

      Steve suggested in his mail that the IAB enhance its architectural role by taking proactive steps to identify areas that need “pre-standards” technical work, as distinct from areas ready for standardization. He has the sense that, while the IRTF could do this, at present it does not do much, perhaps because of concerns of openness. However, since the work would be pre-standards, there might well be a variety of different levels of openness that would be appropriate. For instance, one approach would be to allow formation of multiple research groups working in similar areas with competing solutions.

      In this model, the IESG might often reject formation of a working group on the grounds that it is technology development rather than standards work, and suggest that it become an IRTF group instead. Over time, the IRTF could become a forum of choice for such work. One concern is the potential loss of the synergy between IETF meeting participants during coffee breaks–leading to the suggestion that there be a third (pre-standards) type of meeting at IETF meeting.


      The ILTF has sent Brian Carpenter mail requesting a formal liaison with the IAB. The general consensus was that we see no need for a formal relationship at this time, although we recognize that many issues (DNS and trademarks, content restrictions, etc.) make Internet law important.

    FYI 9 is out of date

      Update bios of IAB members after new membership in April.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available online