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IAB Minutes 1996-02-13

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    Brian Carpenter
    Steve Crocker
    Robert Elz
    Elise Gerich
    Phill Gross
    Christian Huitema
    Erik Huizer
    Christian Huitema
    Larry Landweber (ISOC liaison)
    Robert Moskowitz
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    Chris Weider
    Abel Weinrib
    Lixia Zhang





      Steve Crocker, Chris Weider, Brian Carpenter, Abel Weinrib: Flesh out a proposal for increasing the IAB’s role by influencing the pre-standards work that results in new Internet technology.

    • Phill Gross: Send out a second draft of the “IETF goals, vision, and planning” document.
    • Abel Weinrib: Develop a draft document outlining the rules, practices, etc. for the Internet Research Task Force. Emphasize open publishing of results.
    • Christian Huitema: Write discussion paper on the integration of services and its impact on usage and models of usage.


    1. last call on any minutes still pending

    2. review actions and drafts in progress

      • “Renumbering needs work”–with RFC editor.
      • “Principles of Internet architecture” 0.1–posted as ID; do a last call before publishing it as Informational.

    3. brief report from IESG liaison

      – 1597bis approved as BCP
      – ppp variance passed
      – Did not pass IPv6 provider-based addressing document–too many abstentions
      – Bob Moskowitz on Nomcomm: going slowly, but with extreme attention to detail and care.

    4. report from Feb. 2 CIX/ISOC workshop

      Bob Moskowitz, Jon Postel and Elise Gerich attended.

      Brian Kahin said that the previous meeting proposing that we auction off TLDs was a good idea, with a new foundation to decide what to do with the resulting money. Attendees who had attended the previous workshop challenged this assertion.

      Randy Bush presented the Bush, Carpenter and Postel proposal, suggesting multiple registries for one TLD and an ad-hoc committee to create new TLDs as appropriate. Seemed to be well accepted by participants. Need dynamic DNS updates to do this. Appeared to be accepted as basis for further development.

      Tony Rutkowski said “we all have to work together…” His view appears to be that the domain space should be given to the Internet Service providers (from hallway conversations). He suggests forming a separate non-governmental organization in Switzerland to deal with domains.

      Proposals for domain names: Piet Berteema suggested that the .com .net .org problem is a US problem. Restrict to US organizations, and there is no problem for anyone else. Helps deal with trademark issues, where a country’s trademark laws apply to that country’s domain names. It was suggested that the problem is that this makes users captive to their national ISPs.

      It was suggested in the IAB meeting that scarcity of addresses is bogus… people should move to IPv6. The discussion then turned to the question of whether we should revisit the IAB’s role in promoting IPv6.

    5. ISOC presidency

      Larry Landweber reported that ISOC is about to make an offer to someone to become “the CEO” of the ISOC. The candidate has considerable experience in communications business, and is a skilled and experienced leader. He is not an “Internet guy,” but is believed to be a good choice for building the organization and business opportunities for ISOC.

    6. report from Phill on IETF goals/directions draft

      Defer to LA.

    7. how to handle D.Perkins appeal

      Appeal is based on what interoperability is defined to be. This appeal has highlighted that we don’t have a clear definition of what it is to be “interoperable.” Question is who is responsible for checking this, and how should it be documented.

      We will ask that Bob Stewart make available to us the mail between the working group and the area director and IESG.

      Agreed that we accept the appeal (under 1602bis rules), and hear the appeal at the open IAB meeting on Wednesday. Ask for time in the IESG plenary to present conclusions if required. Will state that microphone time will be rationed.

    8. prepare LA meetings

      Need to make progress on “goals and directions” document.

      Also, discuss whether we should suggest creation of an “architecture” working group, in which the IAB is the design team.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available online