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IAB Minutes 1996-06-26

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    Abel Weinrib reported that the IAB is working to revitalize the Internet Research Task Force. A draft guidelines and procedures document was recently published as an Internet Draft (draft-weinrib-irtf-guidelines-00.txt). Comments are eagerly sought from the IETF community. The document will be submitted for publication as a BCP in the near future.

Character Set Workshop

    Chris Weider reported on the recently held IAB workshop on character sets. See associated slides.

    A request was made that the relevant ISO standards documents (10646) be made available to the IETF community online. The IAB will approach ISO on this issue in its role as ISO liaison and report back at the San Jose IETF meeting.

General Report on IAB Activities

    Brian Carpenter outlined the IAB’s past year activities. These included:

      three RFCs:

        “Unique Addresses are Good”
        “Renumbering Needs Work”
        “Architectural Principles of the Internet”

      character set workshop
      draft IRTF procedures document
      SMI appeal
      discussions on:

        pricing (drafts published)
        security architecture (working towards an IAB workshop)
        statement on legal and regulation re. cryptography
        top level domains

          –without reaching consensus the meaning of the IPv4 address space

Open Mic.

    The general consensus of the members of the audience was that the IAB should not shy from doing architecture, providing leadership to the community, and generally being more proactive as a group. (Bottom line: Don’t be paralyzed by Kobe.)

    There was a discussion of the need for something better than ASCII for IETF documents. But, there are still problems with all obvious alternatives.

    Responses to request for input on architectural things for IAB to work on:

      Error numbers vs. error strings, etc.
      Conferencing architecture draft from UCL:

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at