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IAB Minutes 1996-08-13

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    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Robert Elz
    Elise Gerich
    Erik Huizer
    John Klensin
    Allison Mankin
    Robert Moskowitz
    Radia Perlman
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    Chris Weider
    Abel Weinrib
    Don Heath


    Teleconference Tuesday September 10, 10-12 Eastern Time.



    • Brian Carpenter: Send message to poised list outlining our conclusions on IANA authority on registry documents.


    • Chris Weider: “Assigned numbers should be available from an online dictionary”–figure out what to do.
    • Brian Carpenter: Get relevant ISO standards documents (e.g., 10646) available to the IETF community online.
    • John Klensin: Arrange for a presentation on caching and replication at next IETF.
    • Bob Moskowitz and Steve Bellovin: Produce list of goals for security architecture workshop.
    • Brian Carpenter: Get Bob Hinden (or someone else) to produce a document articulating the technical value of IPv6 beyond large addresses.


    1. review actions and drafts in progress

      Crypto statement in queue for publication as RFC.
      Character set workshop draft–will be published as ID by end of next week.
      Address behavior–see below.

    2. administrivia

      Harvard conference on Internet operation–well covered by I* members, who will try to keep it sensible.
      Brian has been invited to a meeting of the NIST security advisory board meeting; Steve Bellovin will attend.
      Transport AD nominations–committee is making progress. Nomination should be announced by next week.

    3. IRTF news

      IRTF procedures document last call for BCP has been posted. It will become BCP at end of August unless the last call indicates modifications are required.

    4. IESG liaison report

      There have been hot discussions on security requirements. Dynamic DNS Updates RFC is being held up by this issue.

      One issue raised is whether RFCs ought to include an attack analysis as a required part–this would provide guidance for users as to the appropriate usage of the protocols.

    5. IPv4 address behaviour (hopefully new draft)

      Multi-homed hosts section of draft is causing confusion. We will close on this on the mailing list–Yakov will send multi-homed discussion to the list.

    6. IETF and operational resources (registries policies)

      Is the Operational Area imploding? Can we ever achieve consensus on this class of issues? This raised the meta-issue of who should be publishing policy documents? and how?

      After considerable discussion, there was general consensus that IANA has been delegated the authority to set policies for address allocation. Thus, documents describing the rules for registries should be from the IANA, not IETF. IANA can (and assumed will) get advice from anyone, both the IETF and others.

      The discussion then turned to the question of how IANA should publish such documents: as Information RFCs, as BCPs, or perhaps as an entirely new IANA series of documents.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at