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IAB Minutes 1996-09-12

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    Fred Baker
    Brian Carpenter
    Robert Elz
    Elise Gerich
    John Klensin
    Allison Mankin
    Robert Moskowitz
    Jon Postel
    Yakov Rekhter
    Chris Weider
    Abel Weinrib
    Don Heath


    Teleconference Tuesday October 8, 10-12 Eastern Time.



    • Brian Carpenter and Fred Baker: Deal with IANA document review issue on next IESG call.


    • Chris Weider: “Assigned numbers should be available from an online dictionary”–figure out what to do.
    • Brian Carpenter: Get relevant ISO standards documents (e.g., 10646) available to the IETF community online.
    • John Klensin: Arrange for a presentation on caching and replication at next IETF.
    • Abel Weinrib: Submit IRTF procedures document for publication as BCP.
    • Bob Moskowitz and Steve Bellovin: Produce list of goals for security architecture workshop.
    • Brian Carpenter: Get Bob Hinden (or someone else) to produce a document articulating the technical value of IPv6 beyond large addresses.


    1. review actions and drafts in progress

      IRTF procedures draft has gone through last call for BCP; Fred Baker will now prepare a ballot.
      Character set report–no progress.
      Address behavior document posted as ID; a few comments received.

    2. administrivia

      Nomcomm liaison–Radia Perlman appointed.

    3. IRTF news

    4. IESG liaison report

      IESG retreat on October 21 and 22 in Santa Barbara; Brian Carpenter and Robert Elz invited to attend (perhaps remotely).
      Attempts to create a working group on TLDs could cause considerable confusion overlapping with IANA proposal.
      Key management: working group has divided on which algorithm to use–progress towards consensus appears to be stalled. Area director is preparing a statement.

    5. security workshop – status

      Was tentatively scheduled for October in New Jersey, but will be rescheduled to November. Still waiting for list of goals for security architecture workshop.

    6a. report on Harvard workshop

      It was felt by the IAB participants that no significant conclusions or new information came out of the workshop. However, it served as a good coming together of several groups of stake holders: legal and regulatory community, classic Internet operations and standards community, the entrepreneurial new force in the Internet, international regulatory bodies, and academics who want to set policy. Largely missing were people from the international telcos and carriers.

    6b. IETF and operational resources (if Jon Postel is on the call)

      How should IANA documents be reviewed? One option is to do public last calls on the documents, but have it end with someone other than the IESG, since the IESG is overloaded with other business and is not appointed for this purpose. It was proposed that the IAB could play this role. We should factor in the position of the OPS ADs–perhaps should have a dedicated call with them to discuss this.

    7a. TLDs next steps

      Jon has posted a document on TLDs as an IANA announcement (previously posted as an Internet draft). Jon would like to execute the procedures as outlined there. He needs the IAB to appoint two people to the ad-hoc committee (drawn from the community at large) defined in the plan. The ad hoc committee forms and, via email, it creates the policies and procedures in an open forum.

      Don Heath raised the issue that the committee needs to have international members from ITU, WIPO, INTA etc. to give additional credibility, international buy-in, consistent views, consistent policies, and so on. If we would like representatives from the international bodies, we need to make a formal request for them to appoint representatives from their organizations, not choose randomly. Alternatives would be to add them in second phase or ask them for input. In any case, these representatives would be in addition to the two appointed by the IAB.

      A problem is that there are many people who consider themselves stake holders who need significant education.

    7b. nominate 2 members for ad hoc TLD committee

      General agreement that IAB members should not be nominated, since the IAB is in the appeals chain. Also, the nominees should have international experience, and an understanding of international issues. Furthermore, reflecting the IAB’s architectural role, the IAB nominees should be experts on DNS technical issues.

      The IAB nominees will be selected by email discussion.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at