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IAB Minutes 1997-04-08

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    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Robert Elz
    Tony Hain
    Erik Huizer
    Cyndi Jung
    John Klensin
    Robert Moskowitz
    Charlie Perkins
    Radia Perlman
    Jon Postel
    Chris Weider
    Abel Weinrib


    May 20 teleconference.



    • Brian Carpenter: Get Don Heath to respond for ISOC to DAVIC’s request for liaison.
    • Eric Huizer and Brian Carpenter: Draft new charter for IAB (updated RFC 1601).


  • Abel Weinrib: publicize new IRTF Web page.
  • Tony Hain: Get Bob Hinden and Bob Fink to produce a document articulating the technical value of IPv6 beyond large addresses.


  • Jon Crowcroft: Document end-to-end QOS architecture for multi-provider Internet.
  • Radia Perlman: What should be in protocols.
  • Chris Weider: Character set workshop report.
  • Robert Elz, John Klensin: Appropriate use of precedence and TOS bits in IPv4.
  • Steve Bellovin: Security workshop report.


    Review actions and drafts in progress

    • Brian Carpenter: Comments on pricing in int-serv, etc. DONE–now has the attention of POISSON.


      • RFC backlog is going down significantly now that the RFC Editor has a dedicated staff member. We should try to examine those outlier RFCs that are taking significantly longer to understand why they are being delayed.
      • RFC 2048 (MIME registration procedures) is now working, with Harald Alvestrandis acting as the expert.
      • Closure on compression and IPSEC discussions: A proposal is being presented to the IPSEC working group defining a separate compression shim.
      • Chris Weider swan song on character sets: every RFC that describes transport of text must have a section on character set handling; if does not use 10646, explain why; finally, must get 10646 on line (Harald Alvestrand is doing this).
      • Brian Carpenter has received a letter from the President of DAVIC requesting formal liaison. They have requested an IETF speaker for their June meeting in San Diego. Brian will get ISOC to respond to the effect that we would love to have them contribute to the open IETF process.
      • It is probably time to start updating RFC 1601 (IAB charter). For instance, the NomCom should consider maintaining a broad skill base in the IAB as one of the selection criteria for appointments. In addition, a mechanism might be put in place that allows the IAB to draft “non-voting consultants” with a particular skill set if it feels weak in a particular area.

    IRTF news

      The weekend before Memphis IETF, there was a meeting of a group of people with interest in reliable multicast. About 70 people attended. This group is expected to propose a research group in this area, with Allison Mankin as chair.

    IESG liaison

      The IESG is in the process of appointing a new liaison. Thanks to Allison Mankin for her dedicated service in this role.

    Preparation for Open Meeting

      Steve Bellovin, Security Workshop report, 30 minutes.
      Jon Postel, RFC backlog improvement.

    QOS architecture

      (Jon Crowcroft unexpectedly had to return home, and was not present to lead the discussion. Brian Carpenter served in his absence.)
      Issues from the current draft sent to the mailing list…

      Different environments:

        well-engineered corporate intranet vs. public Internet.

      Building blocks:

        charging, adaptive applications, ipsec, ippm, transport improvements, routing/switching improvements, qosr, issl, rsvp, intserv, tos/IPv6 priority, red, reliable multicast, etc.

      Tension between

        just send, plumbing will cope
        classify and shape at source

      Open questions:

        differentiate at level 2 or 3
        wred vs. wfq vs. cbq, and how will label switching affect this
        issl–is sbm OK?
        issl–get out of rat hole on ATM
        control- or data-driven label flow
        tos and ipv6 priority bits
        what is the right granularity (subscriber, host, user, session, transaction)
        what are the tradeoffs?

      Jon and Brian will prepare another draft of the document, and send to the IAB list.

    Round table to identify priority IAB work items

      Middleware–Erik Huizer will send his thoughts on this to the list.

      Security in practical use in ’97.

      “the IAB should do something about this character set business.”

      Service location WG: Sort out service location solutions–one solution would be better than many.

      Routing and address architectures; interdomain routing.

      Keep IPv6 under review–make sure it stays on track.

      Overloading of http

      Proliferation of innovative and creative uses of DNS.

      Ongoing: push back on limitations of encryption (follow on to 1984).

      LDAP–it has its intended uses, but it is going to be used for everything.

      Scalability in caching architecture and push architectures.

      Backbone transport issues.


    Installed base and RADIUS official port numbers

      General consensus that we should not set the precedent that installed base arguments allow people to go around the IANA.

      Suggestion to the RFC editor is to publish the RADIUS RFC with the correct port numbers, pointing out that some current implementations are using different port numbers.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at