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IAB Minutes 1997-08-12

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IAB meeting at 39th IETF, Munich, August 12, 1997.

Meeting called to order 19:43


    In attendance:

      Brian Carpenter (in the chair),
      Steve Bellovin
      Jon Crowcroft
      Steve Deering
      Robert Elz (stand-in scribe)
      Tony Hain
      Erik Huizer
      Cyndi Jung
      John Klensin
      Keith Moore (IESG liaison)
      Charles Perkins
      Radia Perlman
      Jon Postel (IANA, RFC Editor)


      Fred Baker
      Bob Moskowitz
      Abel Weinrib


    Review action items
    Review documents in progress
    IRTF news
    IESG news
    Radia’s “What to put in protocols” document
    DAVIC and NGI documents
    Jon C’s QOS document
    Workshop planning (middleware and routing/addressing)
    Planning for Open IAB meeting
    Report on stds group interop meeting – Charlie
    Selection of POC appointees


    Review action items

      Keith Moore, John Klensin, Plan BOF on spamming, aoidance, and remedies. Potential BOF in Washington. Initial small lunch discussion to be held this week. Action open.

      Abel Weinrib to publish new IRTF web page: open

      Charlie Perkins, Tony Hain: get IPv6 technical value document published. May have found a suitable candidate document to be cleaned up a little and publish. Remains open.

    Review documents in progress

      IAB charter still in progress. (Brian Carpenter). Not much progress.

      QOS draft (Jon Crowcroft & Brian Carpenter). This draft abandoned.

      TOS draft (Robert Elz & John Klensin) (no progress) This draft is likely to be overtaken by events, so agreed to place it on hold for now, and later determine if there remains any value. Closed.

      Security Workshop Report (Steve Bellovin) – still pending.


      Next meeting: Sep 9, regular time. The next after that to be on Oct 14.

    IRTF News

      IRTF chair not present. Routing RG proposal remains pending. The IAB are happy with the charter as submitted, and suggest that the research group be formed.

      The IAB also request that minutes of other research groups be published, especially the reliable multicast group (even though it has yet to be approved as a RG).

    IESG News

      Robert Elz: Nothing significant to report. Query on status of tunneling documents, and whether a WG will be created. IESG query required.

      The IAB may need to help IESG think about security requirements. especially since the IAB agree that something to offer the Apps Developers to handle security would be a good thing, and will make a statement to that effect. Keith Moore to draft. He will call upon Steve Bellovin and others for assistance.

      Erik Huizer has received comments from some Network Management people that there is currently insufficient architectural oversight. Erik to request more details.

      Some discussions on Radia Perlman’s “how to write a protocol” draft draft. General consensus it was going the right direction. Recommended that it refer to RFC1958 and the stdguide draft, which should be published before this. Aim on having I-D published before Washington, and present it there.

      The IAB viewed an architectural model and call for proposals from DAVIC.
      Agreed: to write a letter pointing out that the IETF exists, and that IP over various technology standards are usually made in the IETF.

      The IAB took note with interest of the Next Generation Internet Draft Implementation Plan, issued July 1997.

      Jon Crocroft described UK academic net plan on introducing QOS by means of charging policies. The previous possible IAB draft on QOS has been abandoned.
      Action: Jon to draft doc on potential QOS strategies. Steve Deering to be co author.


      No consensus could be achieved upon exactly what a middleware workshop would cover, and at this stage that means it would be too late for common IAB workshop timeframe, so that potential workshop topic was abandoned for now.

      Steve Deering presented proposal for Routing and Addressing workshop, its purpose, structure, and topics that could be covered. Resolved to proceed with this workshop, though to narrow the list of topics. Steve Deering to consult with Joel Halpern and Sue Hares. Steve, Radia Perlman and Cyndi Jung appointed as sub-committee to plan workshop.

    Planning for Open IAB meeting

      Only currently scheduelled topic is the RFC Editor’s report. Follow that with open microphone, and end.

    Report on stds group interop meeting – Charlie

      The IAB received a report from Charles Perkins on the workshop of Standards Groups he attended on behalf of the IAB and IESG. It was not clear that anything can be gained from this exercise.

    Selection of POC appointees

      The IAB resolved to appoint Patrik Faltstrom to the three year term, and Rob Austein to the one year term, on the GTLD POC.

      Appointees to be advised Wednesday, and then announcement to be added to agenda for open IAB meeting that night.

      IAB annoncement will include:

      1. Lots of excellent candidates
      2. Selected based on technical expertise & international outlook
      3. Job description still not clear
      4. Candidates represent their own expertise, not the IAB’s views.
      5. Thanks to Geoff Huston and Hank Nussbacher for IAHC work, and all the other volunteers for POC.

Current action list:

  • Keith Moore, John Klensin: Spamming BOF for Washington
  • Abel Weinrib: publicise new IRTF web page
  • Tony Hain, Charles Perkins: Push IPv6 advertising doc
  • Abel Weinrib: approve routing research group
  • Keith Moore, Steve Bellovin: Draft statement that Apps Developers need assistance with security design & implementation
  • Steve Bellovin: Review SASL draft
  • Erik Huizer: find out what archiectural view Net Management requires
  • Brian Carpenter: Send message to DAVIC, explain the IETF’s role.
  • Steve Deering, Radia Perlman, Cyndi Jung: Plan Routing & Addressing workshop with Joel Halpern and Sue Hares.
  • All: discuss meeting scheduelling with IESG & IETF Exec-Dir
  • Brian Carpenter: Advise POC appointees, and announce to open IAB and lists.

Documents still in progress:

  • Brian Carpenter & Erik Huizer: IAB charter update
  • Radia Perlman: Protocol recipes
  • Steve Bellovin: Security Workshop report
  • Jon Crowcroft, Steve Deering: Entirely new QOS related draft

Meeting ended 23:00
Next meeting, Tuesday September 9, 14:00 UTC (POTS)

Respectfully submitted,

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Robert Elz, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at