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IAB Minutes 1997-09-09

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    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Steve Deering
    Tony Hain
    Erik Huizer
    Cyndi Jung
    John Klensin
    Keith Moore
    Robert Moskowitz
    Charlie Perkins
    Radia Perlman
    Jon Postel
    Abel Weinrib


    Teleconference Tuesday October 14, 10-12 Eastern Time.



    • Keith Moore: Bring RSA letter to Scott Bradner’s attention as ISOC vice president for standards.
    • Abel Weinrib: Inform organizers of China Internet conference that no IAB member has definite plans to attend. Wish them luck.
    • Brian Carpenter: Propose to POISSON working group that the NomCom be charged with appointing future POC members.


    • Steve Bellovin: Review SASL draft.
    • Keith Moore, John Klensin: Form an IETF BOF on technical measures to deal with spamming.
    • Erik Huizer: Investigate whether the IAB should sponsor work on an Internet Network Management Architecture
    • Brian Carpenter: Send message to DAVIC, explain the IETF’s role.
    • Steve Deering, Radia Perlman, Cyndi Jung: Plan Routing & Addressing workshop with Joel Halpern and Sue Hares.
    • Abel Weinrib: publicize new IRTF Web page.
    • Tony Hain, Charles Perkins (will coauthor): Get Bob Hinden and Bob Fink to produce a document articulating the technical value of IPv6 beyond large addresses.


  • Jon Crowcroft, Steve Deering: Entirely new QOS related draft
  • Brian Carpenter and Eric Huizer: IAB charter (updated RFC 1601).
  • Radia Perlman: What should be in protocols.
  • Steve Bellovin: Security workshop report.


    1. review actions

      Tony Hain, Charles Perkins (will coauthor): Get Bob Hinden and Bob Fink to produce a document articulating the technical value of IPv6 beyond large addresses.–Bay Networks document looks good; can add header stating that the IAB reviewed and requested that it be published as an RFC.

    2. review drafts in progress

      Jon Crowcroft, Steve Deering: Entirely new QOS related draft–no longer required, since int-serv working group appears to be on track following Munich.

      Brian Carpenter and Eric Huizer: IAB charter (updated RFC 1601)–still open.

      Radia Perlman: What should be in protocols–still open.

      Steve Bellovin: Security workshop reports–still open, will be done before next IETF.

    3. administrivia

      Tony Hain most likely can serve as liaison to this year’s NomCom. Will finalize by email. Charlie Perkins will serve if Tony can not. Tony has since agreed to serve.

      IESG retreat scheduled for Nov. 10-11 in Boston. No agenda yet. John Klensin is willing to attend if necessary.

      Internet meeting in China Nov. 10–they claim to have IAB attendance, but at present no one from IAB is going.

    4. IRTF news

      Routing research group will be formed. IAB routing workshop will coordinate and provide guidance to the group.

    5. IESG liaison report

      A letter from RSA lawyer on S/MIME standards setting in IETF has been sent to a few members of the IAB. This issue needs to be forwarded to Scott Bradner as ISOC vice president for standards, who can work with Brian Carpenter to determine how to respond. Until then, individual IAB members should probably resist replying.

    6. Decisions on routing/addressing workshop

      Possible dates: First week in February; week before Spring IETF
      Locations: Telluride; San Jose
      First-cut attendees:

        Interested IAB members

          Steve Deering, Robert Elz, Radia Perlman, Brian Carpenter, Cyndi Jung, Charlie Perkins

        Interested IESG members

          Joel Halpern, Fred Baker, Mike O’Dell, selected other members who request an invitation

        IRTF Routing RG chair-to-be Sue Hares
        Other experts–ask for Joel’s help to focus group

          selected chairs of routing area working groups
          multicast routing experts
          unicast routing experts

    7. Should we designate alternate POC members, and should the regular NomCom handle next year’s POC seat?

      The IAB does not see any need to explicitly designate alternates–we can act rapidly in the unlikely event a replacement becomes necessary. General agreement that it would be good to have the NomCom appoint future POC members and to request that POISSON consider this change. The NomCom already has processes in place and is chartered to make such appointments; the IAB does not. This would make them IETF appointees rather than IAB appointees, which would probably be a good thing for those few people who would notice the difference.

    8. Irritating behaviors of some/many existing Internet tools

      A long discussion on the irritating behavior of many Internet tools (e.g., popular mail packages) led to agreement that it would be good for the IAB to maintain a list of work that needs to be done–e.g., proper behavior of email clients and gateways, firewalls, etc. A prerequisite is putting together a list of what the IETF is currently working on.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at