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IAB Minutes 1998-07-14

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    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Steve Deering
    Ned Freed
    Don Heath
    Erik Huizer
    Cindy Jung
    Keith Moore
    Bob Moskowitz
    Charlie Perkins
    Jon Postel
    Abel Weinrib


    Teleconference Tuesday August 4, 10-12 Eastern Time. Face-to-face biz meeting 8:30PM Sunday August 23 in Chicago.


  • Steve Deering: Send current draft IPv6 address allocation document to IESG.
  • Steve Bellovin: Draft IAB statement on “private doorbell” encryption proposal.


  • Brian Carpenter: Send note to ISOC that we approve of the proposed RFC Editor contract.
    • Done.
  • Brian Carpenter: Draft statement of support for white paper in general, creation of new IANA organization in particular, etc. Publish as press release through ISOC.
    • Done.
  • Keith Moore: Dynamic DNS scaling concerns. Figure out if there is a problem. [Make sure clear applicability statement is published.]
    • Open. Having problems drumming up interest.
  • Bob Moskowitz, Steve Bellovin, Ned Freed: Security mandatory to implement.
    • Open.
  • Steve Deering: Figure out five year routing roadmap actions based on workshop report
    • On hold until we have routing workshop report.
  • Jon Postel (IANA): Build consensus on how to assign IPv6 addresses–get the registries to do something or perhaps form a BOF on the issue.
    • Draft posted. Done.


  • Tony Hain: NAT/VPN/IPv6
    • Ongoing. Draft sent out.
  • Charlie Perkins and Bob Moskowitz: Tunnelling issues, architectures, etc.
    • Ongoing. (Bob Moskowitz lost it, along with lots of other stuff on his disk… our condolences.)
  • Keith Moore and Charlie Perkins: “Finding stuff” issues, architectures, etc.
    • Ongoing. Might hold BOF at IETF. Try to find someone to help.
  • Steve Bellovin: Applicability statement for security building blocks.
    • Ongoing.
  • Ned Freed: Security, firewalls, proxies, etc.
    • Ongoing.
  • Charlie Perkins, Radia Perlman, Sue Hares: Routing workshop report.
    • Ongoing.
  • Brian Carpenter and Erik Huizer: IAB charter (updated RFC 1601).
    • Ongoing. On hold until IANA rechartered.
  • Charlie Perkins: Technical value of IPv6.
    • Ongoing. Will issue before IETF draft deadline.


    1. review actions

    2. review drafts in progress

    3. administrivia

      General consensus for 8:30 Sunday evening meeting in Chicago.
      Next teleconference August 4.

    4. IRTF news

      The Privacy and Security Research Group (PSRG) has decided to shut down. Thanks to them for their years of significant work inserting security into the Internet architecture.

      Reliable multicast group had a good meeting in London; multicast it over mbone.

      Secure multicast group has added some multicast experts, will meet at IETF.

      Planning on getting plenary speaker for next IETF.

    5. IESG liaison report

      High visibility items:

        IPSEC moving.
        IPv6 moving towards Draft, but some questions re. interoperable implementations of all features.

    6. Finalize POC nominations

      The IAB consensus is to appoint to the POC:

        Lars-Johan Liman — Ebone/NORDUnet/SUNET Operations Centre
        Pindar Wong — VeriFi (Hong Kong) Limited

    7. IANA documents

      After discussion, consensus is that we should wait to define new document types until after the new IANA is defined.

      For particular case of IPv6 address allocation document, invite those who are in a rush to help. Also, send current version to IESG for their information.

    9. new IANA news

      Jon Postel reported on recent events and Brian Carpenter and Erik Huizer reported on the Brussels meeting on this topic. The IAB agreed that Erik Huizer will speak for the IAB if necessary during the coming Geneva meeting, since the IAB Chair is unable to attend.

    10. “Private Doorbell” cryptography announcement

      After heated discussion on recent “private doorbell” plan for exportable (from US) security, it was agreed that the IAB should release a statement pointing out that this approach will fail as we move to end-to-end encryption.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at