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IAB Minutes 1999-03-16

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    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Steve Deering
    Ned Freed
    Tony Hain
    Tim Howes
    Erik Huizer
    Cindy Jung
    John Klensin
    Keith Moore
    Bob Moskowitz
    Charlie Perkins
    Joyce Reynolds
    Abel Weinrib

    New members (invited):

      Rob Austein
      Ran Atkinson
      Harold Alvestrand


    Teleconference Tuesday April 13, 10-12 Eastern Time.


  • Brian Carpenter, Erik Huizer: Plan “Network Layer Futures” IAB workshop.
  • Fred Baker, Charlie Perkins: Plan IAB workshop on wireless/mobility.
  • Steve Deering: Organize a BOF on anycast addressing.
  • Steve Deering: Make sure routing ADs are aware of multi-stranding routing.
  • Steve Deering: Suggest to Routing Area ADs that they consider work on QOS-, TOS- and constraint-based routing.
  • Ask Routing Research Group to study what is breaking routing in the default-free zone and analyze multicast routing.
  • Charlie Perkins: Figure out what was actually meant by the routing workshop item on SNMPv3 authentication, rate limiting, etc.; send to O&M ADs.
  • Charlie Perkins: Get detailed routing workshop notes published on IAB web site.


  • Joyce Reynolds: Write draft paragraph stating clear policy on post-publication updates to RFCs.
    • Done.
  • Charlie Perkins: Propose plan for IAB workshop on wireless networking.
    • Open.
  • Erik Huizer: Propose plan for IAB “Scenario Planning” workshop.
    • Done.
  • Keith Moore: Dynamic DNS scaling concerns. Figure out if there is a problem. [Get clear applicability statement published.]
    • Open. “DNS Caching Considered Useful” Internet Draft out, but does not address all issues.
  • Bob Moskowitz, Steve Bellovin, Ned Freed: Security mandatory to implement.
    • Open. SASL digest mechanism… new version out, but progress slow.
  • Steve Deering: Figure out actions based on routing workshop report.
    • Done. Now get them done.


  • Brian Carpenter: Transparency
    • Ongoing.
  • Tony Hain: NAT/VPN
    • Ongoing. New version published as ID.
  • Ned Freed: Security, firewalls, proxies, etc.
    • Ongoing. Focuses on proxies for SMTP. Draft out soon. Would be useful to produce analysis of a number of other application protocols.
  • Charlie Perkins and Bob Moskowitz: Tunnelling issues, architectures, etc.
    • Will be pursued by Charlie and Bob, but no longer as an IAB draft given their retirement.
  • Steve Bellovin: Applicability statement for security building blocks.
    • Ongoing. New version published as ID.
  • Charlie Perkins, Radia Perlman: Routing workshop report.
    • Done.
  • Brian Carpenter and Erik Huizer: IAB charter (updated RFC 1601).
    • On hold.
  • Charlie Perkins: The case for IPv6.
    • Ongoing. Almost done. IPng working group has offered to review.


    -review drafts and actions

    -welcome and thanks…

      Welcome to new IAB members Rob Austein, Ran Atkinson, Harold Alvestrand and Geoff Huston.

      Thanks and fond farewell to departing IAB members Erik Huizer, Cindy Jung, Bob Moskowitz and Charlie Perkins.

    -decide about workshop: Network Layer Architecture (NATs, IPv6, etc.)

      Consensus that we should hold a “standard IAB style” workshop on this topic this summer.

      Perhaps do a scenario planning workshop on future of IETF.

    -decide about workshop: Wireless

      Aim for September time frame. Fred Baker will work with Charlie Perkins to plan this workshop.

    -review ICANN/PSO issues

      Wide-ranging discussion of how IETF might want to be associated with ICANN, in preparation for Poisson working group meeting. However, there was broad consensus that it is strongly in the IETF’s interest for ICANN to succeed, whatever the details of the IETF-ICANN relationship.

    -discussion with regional address registries re. IPv6

      Non-IAB participants:

        Paul Wilson, APNIC
        Kim Hubbard, ARIN
        Mirjam Kuehne, RIPE NCC
        Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC
        Bob Fink, NGtrans working group co-chair
        Bob Hinden, IPv6 working group co-chair
        Alain Durand, new NGtrans co-chair

      Goal: exchange of views on IPv6 sub-TLA assignments.

      Registry representatives outlined their view of, and response to, main issues:

      1. bootstrap criteria:
          6bone participation as additional criteria (intention is to not exclude those who are active)
      2. static assignment for dialup:
          error in document; clarification needed on appropriate prefix (/64?)
      3. renumbering:
          provision only, realistic time scales
      4. slow start:
          initial allocation /35; only allocated prefix can be announced; future allocation based on track record of organization, if possible from the reserved /29.

      This addressed the major issues raised by the IAB note. However, the discussion raised numerous new issues related to multi-homing for large organizations, routing table size, address aggregation, etc.

      Next steps:

      • Registries will product next draft of document addressing main issues.
      • IPv6 working group will address solution(s) to multi-homing issues.

    -IRTF status update (research groups, new chair)

      Reviewed existing research groups (see Some are active; others appear to be dormant. It is time to figure out which should be moved to historical.

      General agreement that we need to get research groups to provide more frequent updates on their status–if they want to be an IRTF group, their work needs to be visible to the community. These status updates could appear on the group’s web site (if it exists) or on the IRTF web site. It was also suggested it might be good to revive the IRSG to support the IRTF chair.

      A search for a new IRTF chair who has the time to execute on this is underway.

    -plan open IAB meeting

      RFC Editor status.
      Brian’s “transparency issues.”

    -agree on BOF coverage for Wednesday-Friday


      Erik Huizer has been acting as informal liaison to the EU. Someone else needs to take this on, now that Erik is departing the IAB. Decision deferred.

      Ned Freed agreed to serve as IESG liaison.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at