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IAB Minutes 1999-04-13

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    Rob Austein
    Ran Atkinson
    Harold Alvestrand
    Fred Baker
    Steve Bellovin
    Brian Carpenter
    Jon Crowcroft
    Steve Deering
    Ned Freed
    Tony Hain
    Don Heath (ISOC liaison)
    Erik Huizer (invited)
    Geoff Huston
    John Klensin
    Keith Moore (IESG liaison)
    Joyce Reynolds (RFC Editor liaison)


    Teleconference Tuesday May 11, 10-12 Eastern Time.



  • Brian Carpenter, Erik Huizer: Plan “Network Layer Futures” IAB workshop.
    • Ongoing, see below.
  • Fred Baker, Charlie Perkins: Plan IAB workshop on wireless/mobility.
    • Open
  • Steve Deering: Organize a BOF on anycast addressing.
    • Open, Steve to contact ADs
  • Steve Deering: Make sure routing ADs are aware of multi-stranding routing.
    • Open
  • Steve Deering: Suggest to Routing Area ADs that they consider work on QOS-, TOS- and constraint-based routing.
    • Open
  • Steve Deering: Ask Routing Research Group to study what is breaking routing in the default-free zone and analyze multicast routing.
    • Open
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: Figure out what was actually meant by the routing workshop item on SNMPv3 authentication, rate limiting, etc.; send to O&M ADs.
    • Open
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: Get detailed routing workshop notes published on IAB web site.
    • Open
  • Keith Moore: Dynamic DNS scaling concerns. Figure out if there is a problem. [Get clear applicability statement published.]
    • Open. “DNS Caching Considered Useful” Internet Draft out, but does not address all issues. A mini-workshop in Oslo is planned. John Klensin and Rob Austein to draft input.
  • Bob Moskowitz, Steve Bellovin, Ned Freed: Security mandatory to implement.
    • Closed as IAB action. SASL digest mechanism to be progressed on standards track.


  • Brian Carpenter: Transparency
    • Ongoing. New draft in two weeks.
  • Tony Hain: NAT/VPN
    • Ongoing. New version expected soon after constructive review meeting with NAT WG chairs.
  • Ned Freed: Security, firewalls, proxies, etc.
    • Ongoing. Focuses on proxies for SNMTP. Draft out soon. Would be useful to produce analysis of a number of other application protocols.
  • Steve Bellovin: Applicability statement for security building blocks.
    • Ongoing. New version expected.
  • Brian Carpenter and Erik Huizer: IAB charter (updated RFC 1601).
    • On hold.
  • Steve Deering for Charlie Perkins: The case for IPv6.
    • Ongoing. Almost done. IPng working group had no comments; final check by experts has been requested.


    1. review actions

      see above

    2. review drafts in progress

      see above

    3. administrivia


    4. IRTF news

      Abel was unable to make the call, so no news. Nominations for IRTF Chair close April 15, at which point the selection process will start. We estimate the job should be 10 to 20% FTE.

    5. IESG liaison report

      The IESG has some concern about the handling of individual submissions to the standards track, where a 4-week IETF last call does not guarantee expert review. IAB advice is to either refer such submissions to an appropriate WG, or solicit review from an informal team of subject matter experts.

    6. ICANN/IANA/PSO status

      It seems necessary that the IETF has its PSO proposal ready for the upcoming Berlin meeting of ICANN. John Klensin will be at the meeting, as will Erik Huizer who can speak as an IAB alumnus.

    7. Network layer workshop – goals, invitees

      The list of potential invitees was reviewed as we have to select about 15 people from a list of at least 40 suggestions. The goals seem to be generally agreed. Erik Huizer as meeting host will also provied an ad hoc mailing list for participants, and a note-taker.

Future Meetings

    Regular teleconference second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

These minutes were prepared by Abel Weinrib, An online copy of these and other minutes are available at Also, visit the IAB Web page at